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From: Don Ott <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Nathan Jedebiah Langston - Don
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 10:34:36 -0600
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Thanks, you and I agree on most of what I have. Of course there is
a very large group that believe that Susannah's last name was Latham. I
don't know except I thought it was Layton, but I don't know which group of
Layton's she might have come from. There are at least two families in the
area that I don't seem to connect.
Goodspeed says their first marriage (Nathan and Patty) resulted in
16 children, and the second marriage 3 children. I, like you have 9
children for the first marriage of approximate 28 years. Do you show his
death date 16 Jan 1870 or 16 Feb 1870?

At 08:56 AM 13-12-02 -0700, you wrote:
>Those are the only dates that I have, also and as you can see - they are
>approximate. Thomas Beale Langston (the line I research), Caleb Smith
>Langston (Kathryn Langston's line) and Jane Langston are the children of
>Susannah Beale - as far as I know.
>As I mentioned in my earlier email, Kathryn Langston in August 2001 found a
>descendant that verifies that Thomas' middle name was Beale, per a Bible
>entry. With that, she is thinking that Thomas' mother; Susannah was a Beale
>by birth - and not a Layton. To be fair to all researchers of this
>Langston branch and there are many and the theories with all the children
>and to whom they were born to does vary - there is a Benbrook theory, also.
>Someday it all will surface for sure and answers to questions will be found.
>I myself think that if a Texas Cunningham descendant would surface - a few
>answers may be found. A number of children listed in the 1850 Nathan
>Langston census are thought to be children born to Nathan's daughter; Patsy
>and her Hightower husband. Hightower dies circa 1844 and Patsy moves on to
>greener pastures in Texas with a Cunningham and supposedly never returned
>for her children. I have those children in my charts as: Nathan, Patty
>and twins; Hiley Jane and Mary Ann.
>Thomas Beale Langston is buried near my ggrandfather at the Hickory Valley
>Cemetery, there in Independence Co. My grandmother's sister; Mary
>Blankinship was married to Thomas' son; Will Langston - who I understand
>moved on to Missouri upon the failure of their marriage and never returned
>to Arkansas to live.
>Nathan's first wife" Patty Ware? I have her children as Catherine, James,
>Patsy, John, Nathan, Jr, Sarah Jane, Patty, Jehoiada and Absolom. I do
>remember that it took me forever to straighten out the Pattys and the Patsys
>(nickname for Martha). But, would sure like to know what the Patty is a
>nickname for. Do you know?
>Sure do wish that I knew more. Lots of questions in my mind with this
>branch of Langstons. Maybe all this has helped some?
>Bernie Moore-Knowles
>Phoenix, Arizona
>"I have Indian blood in me. I have just enough White blood for you to
>question my honesty." ........Will Rogers
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> > I am somewhat confused as to the date that first wife Patty Ware died and
> > when he married Susannah Layton?
> > That would help me sort out which of the later children belong to which
> > wife. Someone has told me that Mary Ware died around 1840 and that Nathan
> > married Susannah Layton about 1841.
> > Any help appreciated.
> > Don
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