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From: Jean Mayfield Cuevas <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] some OT news and photos
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 04:35:24 -0500
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So glad to read that your mom is ok. I know how scary that was for
you. It's great that you were able to take some time for both sides of the

If you mentioned your accident before, I apparently totally missed it,
Suzi. Sorry to hear that you have been down with back injuries, and had a
slow recovery. And, then that you did it all over again!

Well, while the "boys are away", I hope you get lots of good rest, and stay
safe. NO more falls! :)

Jean Cuevas

At 08:16 PM 10/19/02 -0400, you wrote:

>Dearest "Izzies"
>I could have sworn that somewhere I read an email from somwone on this list
>who is coming to Williamsburg. I live about 20 miles from there, and work
>even closer to there--and LOVE going to Colonial Williamsburg. I would be
>thrilled to meet up with someone, and have lunch or even be a tour guide.
>That is for any of you any time. Just send me an email and we can work
>something out.
>After I badly hurt my back last June, I have had a very slow
>recovery--compounded by my falling on my stairs and re-injuring myself about
>a month ago. But it was a good thing in the long run, because I got to see
>a new doctor who gave me different medicine (arthritis stuff and a less
>overpowering muscle relaxer) and am finally getting to where I can sit for
>longer than 20 minutes at a time. huray!!
>My mother had a heart attack over Labor Day and scared us all to death, but
>she got good care at the tiny little hospital in Tishomingo Oklahoma, and by
>the time they were ready to transfer her to the fancy cardiac care unit in
>Denison Texas, she was on the road to recovery. Her cardiologists told her
>that the small town doctor saved her life. We feel very blessed.
>...SO, we decided to make a quick trip home to see her. My dad rented a
>couple of cabins at a state park, and we met there as well as my sister and
>her husband and daughter for a 2 day visit that was wonderful. We flew into
>Dallas, and one of my aunts met Steve and I at the plane and drove us up to
>Beaver's Bend, in SE Oklahoma late on a Thursday night/Friday morning, and
>we went back to Dallas on Sunday morning and got home about midnight Sunday.
>(okay, it was 3am Monday)
>...the following weekend, Steve and I drove to DC to meet his mom and
>stepdad for a couple of days at a hotel there and likewise had a lovely
>time. (this was the week BEFORE the dreadful sniper attacks started)
>Then, last Friday (Oct 11), I packed up my husband and sent him off to
>"summer camp". He and 4 co-workers have gone to someplace far away, and may
>be home as soon as 1 February.
>The tall guy in the upper 2 photos is a guy that works for Steve. He is a
>super guy and kind of acts as a "Deputy" for my husband. His name is Phil.
>I do not know the other gentleman. The bottom photo is my husband--the one
>with the desert shirt on, who is NOT in the ditch.
>I miss him tremendously, but he is able to email me, and can call for 10
>minutes every other day, so it is not as bad as the soldiers going off to
>war years ago. And actually, since Steve is a computer guy, he is very much
>behind the scenes, and behind the lines, which is more to the point, so I am
>firmly convinced there will be no reason to hear about him on the news. I
>told him that I don't want Katie Couric to have to interview me!
>He tells me that they are working so hard, and such long days (and nights)
>that he can't decide if it makes the time go faster or not.
>Those of you who pray, please keep them in your prayers.
>If I owe anybody anything, I have started getting things out, so I will get
>to you. Please feel free to bug me.
>Suzi Shoemake
>Newport News, VA (at present),
>but I am a Sooner born, and a Sooner bred girl from Oklahoma City.
>also, sometimes aka: Suziq
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