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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] 1860 census instructions - Opalzone
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 11:04:26 -0700
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Hi there

Now, is this List full of the most knowledgable folks or what? I appreciate
this so much.

So........judging from #5, regarding the enumerations of Indians, it appears
to me that this Martha was in all probability born to a mixed race family,
but obviously carried the Indian gene characteristics. Her father; the
Denton may have been the Indian........there are Dentons on the Dawes in
Oklahoma. And as I recall, the origins of these Dawes enrolled Dentons were
Arkansas, but it was not Izard Co. Have to look at that a little closer.

Non-taxed Indians? Slaves? Sounds that way. The Shawnee and the Cherokee
both had slaves.

I tend to think that if she were a full blood that even if her Denton father
had passed away, that hse would have already migrated to Indian Territory
with her widowed mother and brothers by 1860.

When Kathryn Langston returns to the List, I think I need to at least follow
up with Joyce's question of Jane Denton Smith being a Langston by birth.
Certainly interesting. But, the Langstons were not Indian. Right, Jean?

It could be the Denton father? Or Martha was adopted?

Anyway, thanks so much for these instructions. I suppose without seeing an
original copy, that I would have no way of knowing whether the 1 beside baby
Rebecca's names was a 1/12 or 1 year. My bet is that it was supposed to be
a 1/12 and I have just found a new gggrandfather..........other than
Jonathan Denton. But, now whether it is John Denton or James Denton is
another story.

Goodness, but this can get complicated sometimes, can't it?

Thanks again for taking the time to post this valuable information.

Bernie Moore-Knowles
Phoenix, Arizona

"I have Indian blood in me. I have just enough White blood for you to
question my honesty." ........Will Rogers
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> But, my ggrandmother; Rebecca Jane
> Denton, that I know for a fact was born May 11, 1860 is not enumerated
> either Mary or Jonathan in the 1860 census. And you all have just told me
> that these census records were taken in August of 1860
> << And you all have just told me
> that these census records were taken in August of 1860. She would have
> an infant, but none the less, should have been listed. Right? >>
> Yep, should have been listed as 1/12, here are the instructions for
> individuals for 1860:
> 3. Individual Names.-- Under heading 3, entitled "The name of every person
> whose usual place of abode on the 1st day of June, 1860, was in this
> insert the name of every free person in each family, of every age,
> the names of those temporarily absent on a journey, visit, or for the
> purposes of education, as well as those that were at home on that day. The
> name of any member of a family who may have died since the lst day of June
> to be entered and the person described as if living, but the name of any
> person born since the lst day of June is to be omitted. The names are to
> written beginning with the father and mother, or, if either or both be
> begin with some other ostensible head of the family, to be followed, as
> as practicable, with the name of the oldest child residing at home, then
> next oldest, and so on to the youngest, then the other inmates, lodgers,
> boarders, laborers, domestics, and servants.
> This Jane is the mother of the Martha Denton that was enumerated as an
> "Indian." Remember that? Real unusual to have that designation for an
> ethnic group on an early census. In fact, I have never seen it in
> have you?
> Regarding the "Indian" designation, here is what the 1860 instructions
> 5. Indians.-- Indians not taxed are not to be enumerated. The families of
> Indians who have renounced tribal rule, and who under State or Territorial
> laws exercise the rights of citizens, are to be enumerated. In all such
> write "Ind." opposite their names, in column 6, under heading "Color."
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