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From: "Bill Blevins" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Major Jacob Wolf -Indian agent ?
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 07:23:07 +0000

The story you have found tries to put him here in the early 1800's but he
just didn't come here until around 1818-1820 and then settled below present
day Norfork. Some of the early historians tried to place the present day
Wolf House in Norfork being built shortly after he got here as to their
accounts 1807-1809, but the house has been determined by radio active carbon
dating to have been constructed around 1828-1829. Henry Ward Schoolcraft as
he made his journey down the North Fork in Dec 1818 does not mention the
house as being there, and his journal is quite extensive. After arriving
here Schoolcraft then went up to the head of Swan Creek at Forsyth Mo, and
then returned back down the White River and made quite a survey of the
bluffs, etc. at Norfork, and again does not mention the Wolf House.
WHY????Because it Just wasn't there. Also, Mo. became a state in 1820 and
Arkansas Territory was set up with the southern portion of Missouri
Territory. This dealt a great deal with the resettlement of the Indians,
especially the Osages who lived North of the White River. The Cherokees
were allowed to settle in that region of Arkansas Territory south of the
White River, and the Osage Indians were to move out of Arkansas Territory.

Bill Blevins

>From: "Bernie Moore-Knowles" <>
>Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Major Jacob Wolf -Indian agent ?
>Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 21:40:07 -0700
>I have this in my file on Major Jacob Wolf........and for the life of me, I
>do not list the source. Sorry. Someone on the List may recognize the text
>and be able to tell us:
>In 1810, after having been appointed Indian Agent for the territory, Major
>Jacob Wolf with his young wife, their baby son, and a number of slaves
>a hazardous journey landed at the fork of the Northfork and White Rivers to
>take over his duties. Here he built a large two-story house in what was
>then Indian Territory, and it stands today in the town of Norfork, having
>been restored and made into a museum. Besides being Indian Agent, Major
>Wolf laid out a large farm, established a trading post and blacksmith shop
>and a ferry.
>Major Wolf, the son of Mike Wolf of German descent, was born in South
>Carolina, May 12, 1786. While yet a young man he moved to Bowling Green
>and while serving as drill master was given the title of Major.
>His father and also his brother, John, a Baptist preacher, settled on the
>opposite bank of the river in United States Territory. Major Wolf was
>married three times, first on March 9, 1809, to Maldred Meredith who died
>Norfork. They were the parents of William M. Wolf, who married Phoebe
>Kellow of Kentucky, and was prominent in business and politics, serving
>Izard County several times in the General Assembly. He also was captain of
>a White River steamboat.
>After Maldred's death Major Wolf married Mrs. Elizabeth (Lantz)Sanders on
>January 10, 1824. They were the parents of Tabitha (born June 10, 1832),
>who married Judge J.S. Russell of Tennessee in 1854; Malinda J.(born
>September 13, 1834), who became the wife of Col. T.Y. Casey; Nancy
>Judson(born June 9, 1839); Joseph M. (born April 30, 1841); Marcy C.
>June 12, 1843), who married Dr. J.M. Casey in 1862; Charles I(born July 1,
>His third wife was Mrs. Cynthia Shipp of Norfork. He was the father of 16
>children. Among those who have not been mentioned were Lucinda, who
>Peter Adams; George, who married a Miss McFilitch; and Jesse, who bought
>home after his father's death. Major Wolf ws prominent in early day
>government of this section, serving as a member of the Territorial Council
>five times. He died in 1863.
>During the Civil WAr many younger members of the family served the
>Confederacy. Jacob Wolf, son of William M. was in the Fourteenth Arkansas
>Infantry and saw service in several hard skirmishes. He later served as
>sheriff of Baxter County. He was married to Jennie Patterson, in Waco,
>Texas, and they were the parents of six children. Many of the Wolf men
>Masons and were staunch supporters of the Baptist Church.
>Michael Wolf, father of Major Jacob Wolf was born in Germany and married
>Katy Hedrick there. The year they came to America is not known, but at
>least two of their children were born in Germany. Michael Wolf first
>serttled in Hopkins County, Ky. --- coming to Arkansas around 1810,
>on the river near Norfork. Michael and Katy Wolf were the parents of
>children; Charles, George, Michael, Jacob, John, Martin, L. Dow, Mary,
>Katy, Nancy, Lucinda and Peggy. It would be impossible to evaluate the
>effect Michael Wolf's family had on the growth and development of Baxter
>County from 1810, through today.
>Major Wolf was active in politics all his life and was an outspoken
>of the southern cause. The "Arkansas Gazette", April 19, 1850; Col. 6;
>3, reports on a special meeting in lzard County at North Fork by Major
>Capt. W.M. Wolf (son) chairman, Robert Adams (son of Robert Sr.)
>Subject: "Draft with injustice of Northern positions on matters relating to
>the South".
> The 1860 census shows Major Wolf at age 74 with Cynthia at age 53.
>His wealth is shown as $4000 in real estate, $20,000 in personal property,
>making him the wealthiest man within many miles. Major Jacob Wolf dies
>January 1, 1863. Due to his death, hardships of the Civil War,
>by roving bands of bushwhackers, his widow's estate was demolished. Near
>the end of the war, one young calf seems to be all that was worth taking
>the bushwhackers carried that across their saddles as they departed
>Cynthia's residence. It being close to the end of the war with some men
>available, the bushwhackers were pursued, overtaken up river, and enough of
>them were killed to end their depredations in this area.
> With the passing of Major Jacob. Wolf, the first century of a
>migration beginning in Germany and ending on the banks of the White River
>comes to a close.
> The final resting place of Major Jacob Wolf has not been identified.
>This cemetery, a short distance down river from his home, may be the
>location; for, by this time, his grandfather, father, first wife, some
>brothers and other relations lie here. Other relations were buried in this
>cemetery up to a decade after his death and, after that, his kindred were
>widely dispersed.
>Cherokee or Shawnee agent, perhaps?
>Bernie Moore-Knowles
>Phoenix, Arizona
>"I have Indian blood in me. I have just enough White blood for you to
>question my honesty." ........Will Rogers
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> > to pass out his name or e-mail address. Please contact him if you wish.
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> > At 09:45 PM 23-01-02 -0600, you wrote:
> > >Has anyone read or know of an article about Major Jacob Wolf being an
> > >agent in Missouri around the year 1808? Trying to find out what area
> > >Missouri he may have been in, if he was indian agent there.
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> > >Thank you,
> > >Sandra
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