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From: Jean Mayfield Cuevas <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L]Smudged pages
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 15:45:48 -0500
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Thanks, Wilma.

I appreciate the additions and corrections to the records, and also the
good word about Heritage CDs. I am seriously considering them.

Jean C.

At 10:40 AM 1/4/02 -0800, you wrote:
>I'd like to add something on this subject. I recently purchased some 1850
>Census CD's and among them is Izard County. I worked my way through the
>whole Izard census and compared it with what has been posted online at
>usgenweb. There are VERY few errors, but I will post here those I found.
>Fam. # 28 Langston - the Nathan Langston age 11 listed just below Jehoida
>Langston is not in that particular lineup. He is listed just below
>HIGHTOWER, Patsy age 11. That had always confused me - why was he listed
>twice? He wasn't.
>Fam #53 through 62 is shown as living in Syllamore Township - they are
>actually in Richwoods Twp.
>Fam. #58 - WALL, Beverly D. - he is a male.
>Sylamore Twp. starts with Fam #63, Ramboth or Rainbolt? My interpretation
>is Rainbolt.
>Fam. #149 (Rocky Bayou Twp) the Alexander Dillard household has a SKELTON,
>? - his name looks like Jacob to me.
>Fam. #204 - WICKERY should be VICKERY.
>Fam. 222 - GRAY - son James F. should be 10.
>Fam. #223 - the GRAY family - daughter Sarah P. should be Sarah J.
>Fam. 338 - James TRIMBLE - there is a notation that he married within the
>year to Phebe G.
>Fam. 347 - WIMONS should be SIMONS
>Fam. 349 - LAWTON should be LANGSTON
>Fam. 355 - BENNING should be HENNING
>Fam. 372 - looks like SNEED to me
>Fam 375 - looks like HEASLY
>Fam 419 - looks like HAWKINS
>Fam 444 - looks like CROSBY
>Fam 455 - looks like FRENCH, and son Kinman age 1
>Fam 456 looks like McElmurry and wife Parmelia
>Fam 459 looks like McEarley and wife is Joannah and dau Lucinda's initial
>is J.
>Fam 460 looks like CATHY
>Fam 461 looks like DONAHOO and dau is Surilda
>Fam 462 looks like EL.IS and son is Austin K. and Amanda? looks like Armanda
>Fam 463 looks like STRANDES
>Fam 473 looks like FOSTER
>Fam 474 - missing is a daughter, Mary, 12 MO
>Fam 475 - COBB family children are Rhody 4 and Rhoby 3
>Fam 476 - looks like HUGHEY
>Fam 479 WATKINS wife is Lucy Ann instead of Mary Ann
>Fam 481 missing from the PITTMAN family is Mary Ann, 14 MS and Elisha ?
>looks like Rutha
>Fam 482 looks like BECKINS and the last child is America 3/12 AR
>Fam 488 - James ? looks like James L.
>Fam 490 - child's name is Tempy
>Fam 492 child's name is Roena
>Fam 493 - WOOD is the surname and also GILIHAN, Thomas living with them.
>Fam 495 - looks like CASH
>Fam 496 - looks like CASTLOW
>Fam 497 ROSS, Joshua
> RIGHAN, Lorenza
> ........., David I can't read that one either.
> ELLUMS, James
>I only found two "missing" people!! I got my census CD from Heritage Quest
>and the quality is excellent. There was only one name (above in fam 497)
>that I could not even make a guess at.

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