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From: Kathryn Y Langston <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Puckett, Blevins, Coleman, Oakley, Waggoner and then Trimble?
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 21:22:19 -0600

Bernie, there was a earlier posting that someone made, maybe you,
that made me think that the Oakley name for Elizabeth wasn't right,
I hope I can find it, there was mention of another Oakley female,
that was supposed to be a sister to Elizabeth?? I'll look and see if
I kept it, oops bet I didn't. my inbox is pretty clean. ohhhhhhh dumb
me, as sure as I delete something I know I'll need it, so WHY do I do
However, Trimble is one of the lines I research so maybe I kept it.

Ok. Just got a reply from Glyn Trimble:
Dear Kathryn,

So nice to hear from you again..and as always, you brought me information
I did not have..

I do have copies of the Bible records of John Newton Trimble and it lists
all of his marriages...but the third wife is listed only as
"Elizabeth Waggoner"...the dates are all correct. I did know that
Elizabeth was a widow with a son when she married John Newton Trimble,
but that was all. Regretfully I had never pursued it further...shame on

My question...was her maiden name Oakley and how many marriages did she
have? Do you know her parents-birthplace, year, etc?

And the name of John's wife was Amanda Flinn...this is how it is written
on the Bible record copies of her children...

All for now, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..

Your cousin,
Ok, now,,,,,1900 census Izard Co LaCrosse Twnshp hh/f 118/118
WAGGONER, Elizabeth head W Nov 1840 59 wd 2 1 Ar Tn Tn
Robert son W Feb 1878 22 s Ar
Tn Ar

Was there 2 Elizabeth Waggoner's???? Or did they not marry until
after 1900 census, or did she leave him and take back her previous
name??????? The age is the same as the Elizabeth Coleman in
Bernie's note. Glyn said the dates were the same as the bible,
so assume that the 1891 marriage date was stated in the bible too.

Now, look at this 1880 census transcription:
Village of La Crosse
34/35 WAGGONER, Robert A farmer 44 Tn Tn Tn
Elizabeth A 38 Ar Va Tn
Oakley C son 3 or 8 Ar Tn Ar
James R.S. son 1 Ar Tn Ar
STEWART, Alexander boarder 30 ILL SC ILL
MEDLEY, James A " 21 Ar ? ?

Love that Oakley C, bet it was Coleman, don't you? Shame on
me for assuming!

Now, look at this for the record, and fun of all you Jones folks
2/2 JONES, Joseph 43 Tn Ky Tn
Martha S 37 Ar Tn Tn
OAKLEY, Mary A m-n-l 60 Tn Va Va
JONES, Mary E dau 4 Ar Tn Ar
Mattie L. dau 11/12 Ar Tn Ar
MEDLEY, Nettie domestic 17 Mo Tn Mo


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