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From: "Bill Blevins" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Bernie/ Phoebe Langston
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 20:06:50 +0000


In checking my info on Phoebe Langston ( Dau of John Langston and Maldred
Livingston) I show her name to be Mary L. Dorcas "Polly" Langston, and
married 2nd. time to Rev Thomas Hively. I have her date of birth as being
28 Dec 1844 and date of death as 17 May 1932, and buried in the Wayland
Arbor Cem. In Izard Co., Ar.

Is this the same Phoebe we are talking about,,,or is This "Polly" a sister
of the Phoebe in discussion? I also have a Sarah Jane "Jennie listed as a

Bill Blevins

" We don't fully understand who we are - until we know the roots from which
we came."

>Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Phoebe Langston - Bill & Bernie
>Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 17:02:50 EST
>In a message dated 11/7/01 10:35:45 AM Central Standard Time,
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><< Subj: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Phoebe Langston - Bill
> Date: 11/7/01 10:35:45 AM Central Standard Time
> From: (Bernie Moore-Knowles)
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> Hi ya Bill
> Yep, you are right, or at least that is all that I have on that
> Phoebe Langston (1844-c1913). But, the one that I was curious about was
> Phoebe (b1840) (These Langstons!) that was the daughter of the other John
> Langston (b1820) that was married to a Maldred Livingston.
> Jim Skaggs had her death date as 1940 or something close to that. Making
> her close to or at 100 years of age when she passed away. Frankly, I
> have a thing on her and was real curious about her life.
> Appreciate it, though.
> Bernie Moore-Knowles
> Pho >>
>I am away behind. I just read the above message and look below, I have
>another Phebe Langston and her two sisters but with a Jesse Langston as
>father and Mildred ? as her mother. It appears to me these are the same
>girls we have as daughters of John Langston & Maldred Livingston. I have
>source of the girls being childred of Jesse as
>"Kathy 11/11/00" Does anyone know this Kathy?? I do not have a last name.
>Does anyone know who this Jesse married and if he did have children??
>I am removing these three girls from Jesse and Mildred. I will now have
>3 Phoebe Langstons: one born 1840 died ?, one born 1844 died 1913 and one b
>1885 died 1912.
>Jim Skaggs, sorry to be so long in getting to this message
>Descendants of Jesse Langston
>1 Jesse Langston Died: Abt. 1848
>.. +Mildred ? Died: Aft. 1848
>. 2 Phebe Langston
>. 2 Peggy Langston
>. 2 Polly Langston
>Descendants of John Langston
>1 John Langston Died: Bet. 1845 - 1850 in AR
>.. +Maldred Livingston Died: Abt. 1852
>. 2 Phoebe Langston Died: Unknown
>. 2 Margaret Catherine "Peggy" Langston Died: September 28, 1929 in
>Pineville, Izard Co., AR Burial Place: AR, Izard Co., Dolph, Trimble
>Campgrounds Cem
>..... +Allen Whitfield Died: June 13, 1906 in Izard Co., AR
>Burial Place: AR, Izard Co., Dolph, Trimble Campgrounds Cem
>. 2 Mary L. Dorcas "Polly" Langston Died: May 17, 1932 in Rodney,
>Co., AR Burial Place: AR, Izard Co., Dolph (1 1/2 SW) , Wayland Arbor Cem
>..... +Modena Francis "Frank" Woodcock Died: May 29, 1880 in
>Visalia, CA
>. *2nd Husband of Mary L. Dorcas "Polly" Langston:
>..... +Thomas Robert Hively Died: November 16, 1917 in Izard Co.,
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