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From: Kathryn Y Langston <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L]Samantha Woodcock Inman Moody
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 21:40:43 -0600

Keep in mind folks, I don't do email on line, so I run way behind as
a general rule. So forgive me if I answer something that someone
has already attended to.

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001 13:48:01 -0700 "Vera Reeves" <>
> Okay now. I've tried to stay out of this Woodcock - Langston mess but
> have
> to put my nose in.
> I thought you folks were talking about the man married his dead
> wife's
> sister then her niece and now it seems you're talking about him
> marrying
> his own niece. Okay now I've got that out of my system.

Just so I'm sure we are on the same page. The article said Thomas
R. Hively married his first wife's niece. (or that's what I remember
seeing) that would be Jane Langston Hively

> Baxter County marriages
> M. L. Woodcock 23 m. Margarett E. Yeary 17 on 3 Nov 1887
> Nancy Woodcock 16 m. James A. Moody 21 on 12 Oct 1893
> (I find it hard to believe Moody married Samantha Woodcock. If she
> married
> him as her second husband in 1893 she was only 16. How old was she
> when she
> married the first time to Inman ? ) Is Naycy and Samantha the same
> person ?

He didn't marry Samantha he married Nancy. And now, that I've
put my foot in my mouth, I see that I was about to say they were
different people BUT, I don't find a Nancy Woodcock, it was Nancy
Hively that I was thinking of. Beats me how you get Nancy out of
Samantha, but who knows. This Nancy is the right age of Samantha
per the 1880 census in Ca.

> Caldona Woodcock 15 and B. B. Whitfield 23 took out a license to
> marry iin 1889 but it wasn't filed.
> Arkansas Death Record Index
> Woodcock, Hestey d. 2-7-1914 in Fulton County
> Woodcock, Orland d. 8-1-1927 in Baxter County
> Langston, Miles Fra... d. 1-9-1943 in Independence County white
> male age 72
> Woodcock, Joel d. 6-30-1939 in Baxter County
> Woodcock, Lafayett M. d. 6-23-1939 in Izard County
> Izard County marriages
> Mrs Margaret A. Dixon 22 m. M. F. Langston 23 on 1-17-1892
> L. M. Woodcock 21 m. C. A. Halcomb 16 on 9-701893
> (note says: I, B. W. Arnold & wife concent to give up our daughter
> age
> sixteen years.
> spelling was corrected by the Author's.)
> J. T. Woodcock 28 m. Martha E. Thornton on 9-12-1895
> Deanie Woodcodk 19 m. O. F. Rader 21 on 5-17-1899
> (is this the one born in CA ?)
> I know there were Woodcocks in Norfork in the 1940s working on the
> dam.
> There was a Thelma Woodlcock that married Ray Boyd.
> I believe her brother's name was Ray.
> I quit for now. Vera

Bless you, your such a sweetheart. I know it takes time to check
out all those resources, your precious to share them.
> > Descendants of Modena Francis "Frank" Woodcock
> >
> > 1 Modena Francis "Frank" Woodcock b: November 02, 1830 in
> Sumner Co.,
> > Tennessee d: May 29, 1880 in Visalia or Selma, Mussell Slough
> Township ,
> > Tulare Co., California Burial: Tulare Co., California
If Modena "Denia" Dorcas was bn April 1879 and was 10 months
old when the 1880 census was taken then the census was taken
in or about Feb. 1880, and Frank,if he died in May of 1880 should
be listed with his family in Feb. or even March.

> ......... 2 Modena Dorcas "Denia" Woodcock b: April 17, 1879 in
> Co., California

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