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From: Kathryn Y Langston <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Langston and Hively
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 18:11:38 -0600

I believe the author was Herron Whitfield, Fern's father. And that
was the info he had to go with at the time of the writing. At least
at one time he conceded to me that he couldn't prove it.

But we can.

Jane was the daughter of Absolom and Dorcas Young Langston.
Bn ca 1835. She is listed in the 1850 census with Ab and Dorcas
as 15 years old. In 1860 Thomas and Jane are together with
daughter Margaret age 2, Jane is listed as 26. In 1870 she is
listed as 34. I can't find them in Izard in 1880, maybe my
bi-focals aren't working.. Could you look and see if you can
find them in 1880 on them thar new fancy 1880 cd's. Also,
the Woodcock family? I don't find them in 1870 either. I see
I dropped the ball on both families.

Mary L. "Polly" Langston was the daughter of John and Mildred
Livingston Langston, this John was son of Nathan J. and Patty
Weir Langston Sr. Polly was bn 1844/5 she's with Maldred in
1850 (John's deceased, we assume) sisters Phebe, & Peggy
Early info, I believe its in a early SBL newsletter, it showed
that Jane was also a sister to these girls. Research didn't
prove that. Also, remember we have our friend J J Sams to
thank for info on Ab's family in which he said that Jane was
married to Thomas R. Hively, no Polly was mentioned in this
family by Sams.

Oh, yes, and I have a letter that was sent to me that was from
Samuel Langston of Iuka in 1897 to his Aunt Lucinda Langston
Miller (who Sams also verifys was a daughter of Ab and Dorcas
and married "a Miller". Anyway, Samuel tells his Aunt that Aunt
Jane died and also says something about Thomas R Hively and
I'm having a senior moment, will have to hunt up that letter to give
you a direct quote.

Thats the best I can do for the moment, do I need to dig deeper
to unconfuse you??? (be nice, remember I'm older than you are
and you should be nice to old women) :)

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001 09:28:31 -0700 "Bernie Moore-Knowles"
<> writes:
> Hi all
> Now, I know that there are researchers of these two families on this
> List, probably some new folks, too.
> According to the IZARD COUNTY HISTORIAN, dated JULY 1977:
> "Thomas R. HIVELY b. 24 Aug. 1836- d. 16 Nov. 1917. He married Sarah
> Jane "Jennie" Langston. Their children were: Margaret, Jacob,
> Amanda,
> Alexander, Lucinda, Charles F., Nancy and Jane.
> When his wife, Jennie, died Thomas married her sister Polly Langston
> Woodcock, who was the widow of Maderra Francis Woodcock. The
> children of Thomas and Polly were: Janie, who married Rufus Russell;
> Martha, who married ? Hunter; Thos. F., who married Nora Russell and
> later, Elsie Snellgrave-Drennan."
> I do not know who the author of this Historian biography is, but
> that's not the question for me, really.
> As usual, I may be confused here, but I do not show Jane Langston
> and Polly Langston as siblings.
> Are they indeed?
> Bernie Moore-Knowles
> Phoenix, Arizona
> "I have Indian blood in me. I have just enough White blood for you
> to question my honesty." ........Will Rogers
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