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Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Re: Institutionalization
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 15:12:30 EDT

In a message dated 10/25/01 8:15:05 AM Central Daylight Time,

<< sons. There is karma, you know?

But, karma works in both directions, doesn't it, Jean? Your ggrandmother
had some special people looking her way, some half century later and she was
found. And that my dear is good karma.

I love to hear good news and thanks for sharing her story.

Jean and Bernie, Hi!

It is so interesting that you just brought this up. This past weekend I was
in for a shock---some of the Johnson relatives had come and we had trooped
off to Douglas Co., MO for a look-see in the Cemeteries then the next day we
were talking with somemore of the Johnson descendants about ancestors when
the mention comes up about Martha Alexander that married Carl Johnson.
Interesting part of this for me is that I happen to be related to both these
folks----double cousins to their descendants.
Someone asks where did Aunt Martha die, Erman Johnson's wife Hester said,
she was in the State Hospital in Benton, AR. I did not know this or if it had
ever been mentioned in front of me I had forgotten about it. It seems that
she was probably like Jean's relative in mid-life or beyond with hormonal
problems. Hester did say that both she and Erman thought that if it had been
now, that she would have been taken care of differently. Now, she had been
buried back in Douglas Co., MO so I would have not ever suspected anything
until someone pulled the death certificate, which I had not done yet.

It always makes you wonder how these people's lives were while they were
confined. Touchy subject with a lot of these families, too. It is always such
an emotional issue just dealing with remembering if they we around. It was
very interesting that in this case the duty actually fell to the person we
were talking to, in this case the grandson, Erman who had been asked to take
her to be admmitted when there were three sons, Elvin living in KS, Stanley
living in KS also, then Sammy, Erman's father who lived in Calico at that
time. They just commented that she had not lived very long after she was

Speaking about karma, this woman's oldest son, Elvin Johnson used to come get
his Mother's three living nieces and they would go back up to Douglas County,
MO to visit her grave and other of the Alexander (and Johnson) families. They
did this for years until they all died off the early 1960s. It's interesting
that the rounds are being made again beginning with this year with a
different generation of descendants isn't it? Maybe we can make this a
traditionally annual outing and get younger generations involved!
Beth Peck Cooper

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