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From: "Robert W. King" <>
Subject: RE: [ARIZARD-L] marriage
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 09:59:34 -0500
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Hi Donnie!

My first reaction on seeing your message was to check my database because my
great-great--grandmother was named Eliza Brickey. However, we are not
talking about the same women. Yours was born in about 1853; mine was born in
1832 and they married different men.

In fact, although I have a great many Brickeys in my database, I don't find
one that corresponds to your Eliza at all. However, you should consider that
your Pleasant Hill Church location may be the one located in Independence
County. It lies near the center of the triangle formed by Newark, Cord and
Charlotte. The Brickey family of my lineage lived between Pleasant Hill and
Newark and some of them are buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery (The one near
Newark, not the Mount Zion near Batesville.)

The fact that the minister's credentials were filed in Jackson County would
also incline me to the belief that the Independence County location is more
likely since Jackson County is just across the Black River to the east of
Independence County.

Robert W. King
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Lawrence County, AR
Page 195 (forgot to write Book number)

Hiram Crooms to Eliza Brickey
State of Arkansas
County of Lawrence

I B.F. Holdford do hereby certify that on the 1 day of December 1872, I
duly join in marriage Hiram Crooms of Lawrence Co., State of Arkansas
26 and Miss Liza C. Brickey of Lawrence Co., State of Ark, aged 19 at
Pleasant Hill Church in Izard County did then and there declare them to
husband and wife.
I further Certify that the ceremony was performed according tot he rules
usage's of the Baptist Church of which I am a minister and that my
Credentials are recorded in the office of the Clerk of Jackson (County)
State of Arkansas.
Given under my hand this the 20 day of January 1873.
Bartholomew Holdford
A true copy of the original
Wm. McBryde Co., clerk
& Ex-officeo Recorder

It is hard to tell if the marriage took place in Izard County. The
looks like Sard County. Does anyone know of a church called Pleasant
in Izard County?
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