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You've got it! Am just now starting to explore some of these towns in
Arizona with my son; Vasser. Poor child, he still has to accompany his
mother on what I call "historical road trips." My undergraduate is in
History and I am a fool for those historical markers that one sees as you
travel our highways.

Vasser calls them "hysterical markers!" LOL

I have a great story for those familiar with Okahoma and it's Indian

One summer morning when Vasser was about four or five years old, circa 1993
or so........I decided that he and I needed a "road trip." This trip was
going to be to Osage Co., Oklahoma.......a northern neighbor to Tulsa Co.
where we lived. Beautiful country, rolling hills and steeped with history.

We packed our picnic lunch and off we went. Stopping at every marker, every
ice cream name it. It was a joint effort and venture.

As we meandered down this one highway and as I recall, it would have been
east of present day Barnsdall, formerly called Bigheart (Help me here,
Peggy?) and off to the right of the highway was a marker, telling Vasser and
I that within an mile or so was a marker designating some historical
significance to that spot.

Well, we had to stop.

It seems that this particular spot housed a very small family cemetery.
That of the Deal and Bigheart families. We roamed around the gravesites,
that were monumental I thought.......and began to explain in detail
befitting the mind of a kindergarten age boy how important these particular
deceased peoples were to Osage Co., as we know it today and it's history.

James Bigheart was instrumental in negoiating the retention of the mineral
rights for the Osage Lands. These rights are what made them the
indedpendent tribe that they are today. A great concept that would prove a
saving grace for the tribe in the 1920s. They literally became the "Saudis
of the 1920s" in terms of extreme wealth for that era.

Now, you know that Vasser was just loving every minute of my

Now, two weeks later.

Well, I am not sure if I have mentioned to the List in the past that I at
one time owned a boutique in Tulsa, called Mango and Salsa. I traveled to
the Caribbean and southwestern points, combined the luxury of the
contrasting goods and sold them in my place there in Tulsa, in a walking
district called Brookside on South Peoria. Neat, neat shop and I figured
"someone had to do it, right?"

Well, it seems that a fellow shopkeeper was headed to San Miguel de
Allende.......a wonderful colonial town, located in the central mountain
regions of buy goods for her store and asked if I wanted to
accompany her on the acqusition van.

You bet.

This other shopkeeper mentioned that there were two other friends that would
be traveling with us. One, we nicknamed "Bucks" for her spending habits.
Bucks taught Spanish at the University of Kansas and was exceptional in her
command of the Spanish language. The woman knew every dialect of every
Spanish speaking nation, I am telling you. The second was a longtime friend
of hers, Florence Deal Tranum that lived part time in San Miguel and in
Tulsa, too.

Well, if you recall the names of the individuals that were buried in that
roadside cemetery near have figured out who Florence

Florence's grandfather; James Bigheart was the Chief of the Osage that made
them the financially secure tribal nation that they are today.

Florence and I became fast friends on that trip. Shared bottles of great
wine and to this day......I consider her one of my closest friends. She and
I laugh and tell folks that it was my tribe, the Cherokee that were stupid
enough to sell her tribe, the Osage the land that Osage Co. stands on today.

I don't have two dimes to rub together most of the time and have to borrow
quarters from her. She can afford it! LOL

Moral of the story?

You got to take the time to stop at those roadside "hysterical markers."

Bernie Moore-Knowles
Phoenix, Arizona

"I have Indian blood in me. I have just enough White blood for you to
question my honesty." ........Will Rogers
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