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From: Jean Mayfield Cuevas <>
Subject: RE: [ARIZARD-L] New Discoveries, Etc. Rosemary
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 18:48:02 -0500
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Hi Rosemary,

I had to go back and check what I sent out to the mailing list, because I
DO have Samantha in my FTM files, and I don't know WHY it didn't come out
with the rest. As a matter of fact, when I look in the Note section, I
based my Samantha information on something that you once wrote to
Hope. Sure is a puzzle as to why it didn't come out in the list!

Here's what I am referring to in my notes section on her:

I sure would like to be able to prove kinship to you through the FRANKS
family! <g>

Mine and Elvada's Cynthia FRANKS married James LAWRENCE. Their daughter,
Samantha, married Jesse Jeffery (grandson of James and Jane). Samantha and
Jesse's daughter, Mary "Molly" Levina married Millard HANKS.

Our cousin, Noel Jeffery, told Elvada and me that he had always heard that
Samantha was half Indian....wonder which half - the Franks or the Lawrence?

Do you know if any of your Franks married into the Lawrence family and if
any of them were Indian?

Thanks for the references to the JEFFERY "boys" and I will be sure to check
as to whether I have them attached or not.

You know, now that I have the fact that Lucinda was married into one of the
families so close in ties, it makes me think that I might just find her
sister, N. Amanda MAYFIELD, b., married to someone familiar as well!
:) At this time, I have nothing on her at all, do you? Nor, do I have
anything on Elizabeth, another sister (b. 1839). Guess I need to scour
the census records to see whether I can find someone with the same first
names and birth years living in another household. Well.....add another
two sisters to the quest! Mary J., born 1832, and Catherine J., b.
1843. So many many blanks still unanswered in that family.

As for kindness in small towns, perhaps you are right. I sure am glad that
I found so much of it, too!

If you do get over to the Old Mayfield Cemetery, let me know. I would love
to know how to get to it for the future.



At 06:16 AM 6/12/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Cousin,
>I looked at the genealogy info you had at the reunion - it showed something
>I'd often wondered about:
>1. Martin LAWRENCE and Jemimy UNKNOWN
> 2. James LAWRENCE, b. 1788, NC, d. 1859, Mt. Olive, Izard County, AR
> m. (1) Sally TUCKER, b. abt. 1792, TN, d. abt 1820,
> Lincoln Co., TN
> m. (2) Cynthia Ann FRANKS, b. 1807, TN, d. 1865, Mt.
> Olive, Izard County,
>Children of James and Cynthia:
> 3. William Martin LAWRENCE, b. 13 Mar 1823, Marion Co, AL, d. Jan
> 14, 1896,
>Izard Co.
> 3. Nancy LAWRENCE, b. 1825, Fayette Co., AL, d. 25 Feb 1871, AR
> 3. Gracey Ann LAWRENCE, b. 1827, Fayette Co., AR
> 3. Joshua G. LAWRENCE, b. 1830, Fayette Co., AL, d. 1872-75
> 3. Jacob LAWRENCE b. 1833, AL, buried Erin Springs, Lindsay Co., OK
> 3. James Francis "Jim" LAWRENCE, b. 13 Feb 1834, Fayette Co., AL,
> d. 15
>April 1906, Izard County, AR, buried Lawrence Cemetery, Izard
> m. Lucinda A. MAYFIELD, b. 15 Feb 1841, TN, d. 1 April 1886,
> Izard
>County, AR.
>I believe the sisters, Nancy and Grace "Gracey" Ann, are two who married
>Jeffery "cousins":
>Dempsey Wair JEFFERY, son of Daniel and Mary "Polly" Bowcock-Bland, grandson
>of James and Jane Mason Jeffery, to Gracie Ann LAWRENCE, daughter of James
>Jesse and Dempsey's uncle, Daniel Mason JEFFERY, Sr., married Nancy
>LAWRENCE, also a daughter of James and Cynthia FRANKS LAWRENCE.
>But what about SAMANTHA? You don't show a listing for her above as a child
>of James and Cynthia FRANKS LAWRENCE:
>Cynthia FRANKS who married James LAWRENCE and they had a daughter, Samantha.
>Samantha Lawrence married Jesse JEFFERY [not THE Jesse Jeffery! - but Jesse,
>the son of Daniel Jeffery/Mary "Polly" (Bowcock-Bland), grandson of
>James/Jane (Mason) Jeffery]. Samantha and Jesse's daughter, Mary Levina
>"Mollie", married Millard Fillmore HANKS (mine and Elvada's great-great
>Below are 1850 census records that list SAMANTHA:
> 1850 Izard County Census
>198 LAWRENCE William 54 ? Farmer
> Mary 43 TN
> Benjamin 19 AR
> Rachael 21 TN
> Sally 17 AR
> Beverage M 14 AR
> William 12 AR
> Nancy J. 8 AR
> James H. 2 AR
>201 LAWRENCE James 62 VA Farmer
> Cyntha 46 NC
> Joshua 20 AL Farmer
> Jacob 18 AL Farmer
> James 14 AL
> Samantha 13 AL
> Elizabeth 11 LA
> John 10 AR
> George W. 4 AR
>The kindness of strangers in "small-town" Arkansas is something, I think,
>you'd find just about anywhere but I'm glad you found so much of it in
>Arkansas! :-)
>Elvada, Noel and I will have to make the old MAYFIELD Cemetery one for our
>"excursion" list. I'm sure we could call Carroll Hayden and he could tell
>us just how to get to it. :-)
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