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From: "Rosemary Kenney" <>
Subject: RE: [ARIZARD-L] The Old Mt. Olive Hotel - Bill B.
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 18:04:29 -0600
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Thanks, Bill, I'll hold you to that offer of the drawing of the old hotel or
the Aunt Fannie Jeffery house.

Would you believe I'm not familiar with the Patrick Jeffery place? Elvada
may know what house you're talking about.

Rosemary Gillihan Kenney
Jonesboro, AR

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From: Bill Blevins [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2001 4:29 PM
Subject: RE: [ARIZARD-L] The Old Mt. Olive Hotel - Bill B.

Just had a long visit with Jack Arnold, who married June Jeffery who grew up
in Mt. Olive. Jack said they called it the Aunt Fannie House...and we also
discussed further up the road another house that was
very unusual and was known as the Uncle Patrick Place...I am sure you know
the house he is talking about.

This Old Hotel is certainly one of a kind...It is well worth ones time to
just drive down to Mt. Olive to
see. The front floor sills are now showing in it, and the size of them is
unbelievable and also extremely
long. Jack was saying they were Cedar. Just imagine trying to find a cedar
tree anywhere in the State of
ARkansas today that would be as long and as big as these are...( I would say
it is an impossibility ) and
I also noticed they are still in great conditon.

I have the drawing I made put back somewhere in one of my files, and when I
find it - will make certain you get a copy.

Bill Blevins

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