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From: Jeri Helms Fultz <>
Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Index to Arkansas 1911 census of Confederate Veterans list
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 23:25:33 -0600

Hi Bill,

Yes I have the Index and the 3 books for the actual interviews lookups.
You can find the index on the civil war page near the top and it has the
name index listed there. It's Desmonds site.

That way you can look up and see if any of your folks are listed in the
interviews. I will be happy to do the lookups for the interviews
themselves if you send me the names of your family listed in there. One
caution, even the teachers names are listed, everyones names are listed.
HA I won't go chasing every Smith unless you think a particular Smith
(or Jones) is your family or if a group of names looks like it might be
yours. Some of these get pretty lengthy, so I might have ask you some
questions before I type the whole thing up....

I have always done lookups for the Interviews and the link to Desmond's
site has been on there since the civil war page began.... It beats
buying almost $100.00 in books for a few family names... I did, but I'm
not real bright! HA

Also, I am leaving town this Friday and won't return until after the

Save your requests until I return Please....

"but I remain your affectinate cosin untill death."
Thank you again Greatgramdpa Davis for those words.
Never dreamed I'd get to use em!
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