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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] OFF/On SUBJECT-Names/Riley-Etta/Rosemary/SandraW/Jean
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 12:20:46 -0600
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Is your Riley related to the Ningun Riley family who went from Wayne Co.,
Tn. to Van Buren Co., Ar.?
I believe the Ningun Riley famiy was there in 1860.
Betty Mc

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Subject: [ARIZARD-L] OFF/On SUBJECT-Names/Riley-Etta/Rosemary/SandraW/Jean

> Yes Rosemary,
> We have a big time Riley line goin down.
> Sandra W. has done extensive work on it -excellent job.
> As I am recalling, we were able to connect Sandra's Riley line with a
> of Riley assocaited with my Williams line. So far, I have not been able
> to connect my Williams line with the Jeffery (or allied family - or the
> Izard Williams) except way on down the line after Ole Jesse moves into Van
> Buen Co.,AR - yes quite a ways off from the Izard folks. But, as I
> I am thinking Sandra W. was a direct of her Riley compilation. Being
> connected to Sandra W. in a direct way, I am thinking Riley aint far from
> the Jeffery/allied family and an Izzardish connection. Of course, having
> my Riley on my Williams line being Sandra's Riley, I am circumstantially
> drawing closer to a possible my Williams line to some kind of Izardish
> Williams conncetion. Wheeeew- waaay out there.
> Anyway, I am not showing any Gillihan connected to the Riley (at least
> what I have compiled so far in my database through my Williams line), but
> if you have found Unknown Riley crossing "the" Gillihan line, I would for
> sure like you to check/get with Sandra W. to see if she has connected
> Gillihand Riles' to her Riley line already or if she can connect them. If
> Sandra can connect to these Gillihand Riley's, I for sure would not mind
> crossing Sandra W.'s Riley database to show a connection between my
> Williams line and the Gallihan line. That would be an interesting one - a
> my Williams to Gallihan connection. Don't know what I would ever do with
> it, but it would be interesting, and who knows, someone someday might
> actually be able to show something with it - ha probably 100 years after I
> am worm dirt.
> Uhhh Errrrr ahhhhh, Snadra, did you ever get that Riley situation
> straightened out. If not, I sure wish you would kick me in the rumpus so
> would get ahold of that contact and see if they could straighten it out.
> It has just been irritating me to death (what for 8 months now) to have
> that sore spot sitting down ther on the Riley line and have a possible
> contact that might be able to straighten it out. You have to kick this
> mule pretty hard nowdays to dislodge him from his computer. Try snarling
> bit, that works for my wife- some of the time.
> On the McDonald, I am showing a big fat zero. I am showing two attached
> my Williams line (through a Lockhart line)-wheew now thats thin. Am
> showing an interesting one Margaret McDonald that married a Thomas Bledsoe
> on 4th November 1787 Virginia, Scott Co. Married on my brithday -not the
> 1787 part :). Last time I checked, no connection could be found to Jean's
> Bledsoe line (now that would be a good one), but am still keeping my
> fingers crossed. Now lets, see, just how did I connect my lines to this
> Bledsoe. Oh my gosh. I picked up this "huge" Bledsoe line from the
> line. Remember Sandra the Owsley line I think you found that had the Jane
> Mason that married the James Jeffery on it. It was posted to the Izard
> group, whoever found it. I think we looked closely at it and figured out
> that it couldn't be "our" Jane Mason that married James Jeffery. Almost
> seems impossible that it wasn't - but, it weren't. Jean, I cannot believe
> this aint your Bledsoe line. I scarfed up and added to my gedcom 885 names
> from this Housley database - all the Bledsoe (in anticipation they had to
> be Jeans') and a large chunk of the Owsley including their reference to
> this other Jane Mason married James Jeffery. Wheew, I had to go waaay out
> on a limb to connect my database to this Housley database, but, actually
> found a connection through Mike Spainhour's database and his Hardin line,
> which is my Hardin line. Hey, that's only about 3 light years from the
> Jeffery line - pretty close form where I am used to working -Ha :). Some
> pretty interesting surnames I have scarfed up of the 885. Could post the
> 885 I scarfed up if you want- just one single copy and paste away. I
> scarfed up data tending towards common of our surnames. Way over half of
> them are connected Bledsoe's.
> This Housley database can be seen in its unscarfed state at:
> Any waayy, if the Bledsoe line does pan out to be the Izard Co descendant
> (jeans Bledsoe line), this lone McDonald could for sure be a possibile
> McDonald line for which Izard Co gets its middle names of McDonald from.
> Well, shoot, you got Ole Doug's hounds to howeling and they just won't
> stop. But since someone actually mentioned McDonald's, and to make life
> just a little more rough for you McDonald researchers, I had a McDaniel
> researcher wander into the Van Buren Co., AR sight wanting me to link to
> his Van Buren Co McDaniel database. Its a long story where Ole Dougs'
> hounds went from there, but he has pointed out/implies evidence that an
> alternate spelling/ name change of McDaniel is McDonald (may even work
> ways). Go figure. Thats like Venus and Mars as far as different database
> go (two huge databases), but proven fact on his McDaniel line. Got
> McDonald's need to look at the McDaniels. Thats analogous to saying Got
> Jeffery - need to be looking at the alternate spelling of Watson or Smith.
> Wheeew. Makes me wonder why I ever chose genealogy as a hobby - it has to
> be for the pure pleasure of pain.
> Well, got to git out of here. Hounds have stopped howling and are now
> Have been reading some pretty interesting posts ya'll have been throwin
> -both on the assumption/consumption trail and doc. Been working for five
> days straight tryin to get caught up on readin and archiving the posts
> (couple hours per day)-just the Izard posts. Working on both ends of the
> posts - new ones and old ones. I have finally made it up to July. I
> wait to get them all archived so I can search and update my database. I
> tell you Jeffery folks (and allied family which is synonymous with Izard),
> if the Izard posts were treated like a book, it would be the greatest book
> ever written on our Jeffery line. This is to say nothin about the
> 100's of other lines who are getting the same feelin. And, a living book
> which we have all lived - that is if you can keep up- I know I cannot- but
> I got the rest of my life to get caught up. Its a very big book. It just
> boggles my mind to think what has been created. I mean we sit here today
> haggling and assuming what JJ Sams meant by his writing - how in the world
> what he said could even come close to what we know. In the Izard book,
> there is no question as to who wrote/thought it and why. I mean when a
> genealogical book gets down to what relative was prayin for another
> relative, I don't know, but I get the distinct feelin our future
> generations of researchers are goin to love genealogy much more than we
> have or could ever imagine. Most definetly a book I intend on passing
> my future generations. We are creating History for our future by studying
> the History of our past. Our future generations "will" be getting what we
> only dream that we had of our past (and much more than we could even dream
> we wish we had.) This is the most amazin group I have even seen. Love
> every bit of it.
> Later,
> Doug Leoanrd
> At 09:06 AM 1/23/01 -0600, you wrote:
> >Etta,
> >
> >I've wondered about the popularity of the middle name of "Riley," too, as
> >it's a common name in my GILLIHAN family. But we haven't found its
> >origin.....yet! <g>
> >
> >Rosemary Gillihan Kenney
> >Jonesboro, AR
> >
> >
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> >Another thought, have you ever notice how many of our ancestors in that
> >have the middle name of McDonald or Riley. I have noticed a number of
> >while reading the messages. Wonder why? Any input on this.
> >
> >Please share your stories and info.
> >Thank you, Etta
> >
> >
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