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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 11:33:55 -0600
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I'm going to "jump in" here to say that I think I can speak for us all when
I say that we all love history (we probably wouldn't be genealogists if we
didn't, would we?) and I don't think any of us found your below email too

I think we've all found it's little bits of family lore like that below that
often have bits of truth in them.

Not long ago on list we were discussing someone's grave that way facing a
different direction than the others in the cemetery - I wonder if it was the
same person you mentioned.

Also, Vera, I want to add my appreciation and thanks for all the obits that
you take the time and trouble to post for us.

Rosemary Gillihan Kenney
Jonesboro, AR

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Levi Woodley's last child was born Aug 1866 and he wasn't listed in the 1870
census. Somewhere in that time frame he was killed. Some will tell you it
was by a jealous husband, some will tell you that Levi caught the man miss
treating a young girl and as you said some say a squatter. I have not been
able to find any proof of any of this, all I have are the family stories.
Yes the man is buried in the Moody Cemetery in the Iuka Community. It is
said he was buried outside the cemetery face down and crossways so he would
be sure to go to h---. Over the years the cemetery was enlarged enough that
the grave is now inside the cemetery. Levi's oldest son and a grandson are
also buried in this cemetery.

I have not found where Levi and Martha (Welch) Woodley are buried. I know
they owned land in that general area. Martha did not die until after the
1880 census. Part of the story says, since there was no law near the men
drew straws to see who would kill the man who killed Levi. After the job
was done he left the country.

Each branch of my Payne - Woodley Family has heard a family story on how
grgrgrandpaw Levi Woodley was killed. They all differ some but are enough a
like in some ways. You will get all kinds of twist to this story depending
on which branch of the family you talk to. I have found no proof that Levi
was a doctor. His son, James Samuel Woodley might have been.

My grgrandfather William McAlister Payne's youngest sister, Minnie Payne
married William Silvertooth. Aunt Minnie and uncle Will are buried in the
Galatia Cemetery. My Payne roots were in the Izard - Marion County area as
early as 1832. I have only been able to track two branches. I can't tell you
if Paynes in Calico Rock are part of mine. If they are I'm not aware of it.

You're correct about there being a lot of families from Iuka, Tishomingo
County, MS moving to Iuka, Izard County, AR. The more research I do the more
I find that they are all connected in one way or another.

Sorry for making this so long, Vera

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