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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L]Genealogical- Vera
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 23:55:34 EST

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<< Matney or Silvertooth?
What do you know about Levi Woodley >>

As I have learned to say, I'm not related that I know of but these are people
that my gm Mabel talked none-stop about. When something was said about the
Welch, that got me to thinking? Then when you said something about Levi
Woodley, I knew I'd heard that name before. Then, I started looking and
stumbled on Ray and Carla McDonald and their information about Dr. Levi Kelly
Woodley m. Martha Boyd (or Welch) in Iuka, Tish. Co., MS., then moved to
Iuka, AR. They got the land grant, then the trouble with the squatter, Hanson
(or Hansen) then the killing of Levi, then the neighbors taking their revenge
and supposedly the Silvertooth killing Hanson. Is Hanson really buried in
Iuka Cemetery???

If I am remembering what else I found correctly, it seems like there was a
Marvin Mc Mack Silvertooth m. Mary J(ane) Baker had sons, William and John
Riley---one of these married a _______Payne and the other a Whiteaker. I
remember pieces of Grandma talking about the Payne. Would that woman have
been any connection to the Payne family that lived in Calico over by the
Church of Christ down the hill from the old school at Calico? That Payne
woman was mother of _______Honeycutt that had daughters, Vicki and Loraine
that went to school in Calico. Could this have been the same Payne family
earlier back there?

Vera, how much have you found on Levi Woodley and was it Martha Welch that he
married in Iuka, Tishomingo, MS? You realize there were a number of families
that moved to Iuka, AR from Iuka, MS and continued to go back and forth
later? Martha Woodley was shown in the 1870 Fed. Census in Union twp right???
but no Levi? so do you think he died right after the Civil War and after
returning home finding a squatter on his lands?

Tell us if you have found any documentation of all this? Fascinating story!
Beth Peck Cooper

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