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From: Jeri Helms Fultz <>
Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Weakely Co. TN and Cantrells
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2001 15:06:09 -0600

Hi Bill,

This is the email address to get on the TN WEAKLEY email list. Give
them your surnames after you sign on and they will do marriages and
census records lookups for you.... great!

and here is the Weakley website address:

I have my own Cantrell gedcom and another one, all of the same line
out of SC... I will send them one at a time to you. Good luck!
I am changing ISPs and a new computer that needs my info transferred to,
so it might be next week before I send it. If I can I will go ahead and
send them to you today......


> Jerri,
> Would be interesting in the info you have. My g grandfather William Curtis
> Pitts came to Izard County after the Civil War and lived and died here. He
> came here from Weakley Co., Tn. I still have several relatives that still
> live there. Also, do you have the link to contact them for the their
> Weakley on line?
> Bill Blevins

"but I remain your affectinate cosin untill death."
Thank you again Greatgramdpa Davis for those words.
Never dreamed I'd get to use em!
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