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Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Off Subject: Niagara Kentucky Rescue!!
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 07:48:46 -0600

Hi List,

Just wanted to show you the front page news of "The Gleaner"...the Henderson
Kentucky local newspaper! My son, the HERO!


Friday, December 15, 2000

Doggone good deed

Team effort saves pooch from watery death

Gleaner staff

Steve Champion and his family had only been residents of Henderson County
about a week when he found himself at the center of a rescue operation.

The story begins with Champion's 4-year-old daughter, Libby, who wanted
nothing more than a yellow kitten.

"I had been promising her a kitten," said Champion, who has recently moved
to the Niagara area from Fort Worth, Texas. "I had run out of reasons (not
to get the cat)."

"I called the pound and asked if they had a yellow kitten and they did," he

Champion and two of his children, Libby and his 7-year-old daughter, Katie,
ventured out on Thursday into the icy weather to get the kitten, which Libby
promptly named Banana, he said.

Champion and his wife, Lori, also have a 1-year-old son, Bobby.

It was on the way home that Champion said he spotted something that caught
his attention.

At the intersection of Kentucky 136 and Kentucky 416 across from the Niagara
General Store, Champion said he saw about five girls standing at the edge of
a pond jumping and waving.

"Way out on the pond I saw that a dog had fallen through the ice," he said.
"He was giving it all he had to get out of there."

Champion said four teen-age girls -- Cassie Stone, 15; Kelsey Stone, 12;
Raven Stone, 13; and Jessie Griffin, 15 -- and the mother of three of the
girls, Melissa Freeman, had been trying to get the dog out of the pond but
weren't having any luck.

"They were trying to throw stuff out there (to the dog)," he said. "They
were working pretty hard."

Freeman said she was in the house drying her hair when the girls came in
screaming that the dog, who belongs to their neighbors, had fallen through
the ice.

"Kelsey had gone to get a (pool) float. I thought we could kind of scoot
across the ice and if it broke we'd be in the float," Freeman said.

That's when Champion pulled up, she said.

Champion ran to the Niagara General Store, where he bought two clothes

Champion and Cassie Stone used the lines to drag across the pond in order to
catch the dog.

"He got on one side of the pond and Cassie got on the other and he told her
just what to do," Freeman said.

"He got it on the first pass," Champion said. "The dog was kind of at an
angle and the way he was paddling, I figured he'd get hooked on it."

The dog was halfway out when the clothes line slipped off his leg, Champion
said. "But before it got passed his head, he turned and clamped on to it,"
he said.

And then they managed to finish pulling the dog to safety.

"It was the excitement for this afternoon," Freeman said, adding that it was
Champion's idea that saved the dog.

"I'm glad it's all funny now," he said. "That dog was running out of steam.
I didn't want to have to jump into that water, but I wasn't going to let
that dog drown in front of my little girls and the other girls."

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