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From: "Pat Brewer" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Junebug
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 08:49:06 -0700
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Morning Hope, I don't sleep very well or very long at a time. so my
computer is on 24 hours a day (when I'm here). Anytime i wake up during the
night or am up wandering around I wander in here and see how much mail has
come in and there was dear Junes, and others. But hers is all I was looking
at. I also hope she got it, but probably she had turned it off and gone
already. Yes I was just thinking and
writing about her. I can't even imagine what she will be undergoing. know
they told me my May surgery would be up to 9 hours and that had me very
concerned It turned out to be only 7 I think, but my throat was so raspy
for days from the tube course I didn't tell her that . But that wasn't
anything to the extent of her surgery.

Thank goodness her family will have plenty of people with them to pass those
long long hours.

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> Are you all praying for our Junebug???? Everytime I think of what she is
> going through, tears come to my eyes. I wonder how long she will be in
> surgery?
> Wasn't it just like her to sit down and send us her good-morning message
> 4AM this morning??
> By the way, Pat, what were you doing up, and on the computer, at 4:08AM?
> Nice that you were though. I hope Junebug got your message.
> Keep those prayers coming, Love Hope
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