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Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Tennessee Book
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 19:22:27 EST

Hi List,
Today while I was at the library I ran across a book they actually let me
check out! It was originally printed in Austin, TX., 1950, and has 800 pages;
"Tennessee Cousins" A History of Tennessee People by Worth S. Ray, author of
"The lost Tribes of North Carolina".

The gentleman goes into much detail about the history of counties of TN, but
the best part of the book is he has broken it down into TN. counties and it
lists wills and marriages(very early ones from the 1700's through approx. mid
1800's) for the state.

It does have an index but some pages are NOT listed and it is indexed by
surname. I have this book for three whole weeks and if anyone is interested I
will do lookups if you email me privately(so I can keep up with them). If it
turns out to be of interest I may try to keep it for six weeks. Please give
me as much info as you can(county would be good!).

My email address is:
Also, please note that if you have a common surname,ie, Johnson, Smith, etc.,
it will take longer! After all, those two surnames are the most common; don't
I know it. :) I'm having a devil of a time finding my Johnson Clan in TN.

Cathy Johnson

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