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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Internet Expressions (OFF SUBJ!!)-Billy and Jim<g>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 09:01:07 -0600
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Thank you Ev,

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Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Internet Expressions (OFF SUBJ!!)-Billy and Jim<g>

> Hi Guys!
> We have ALL had to ask the same questions!
> When you have a "face to face" conversation it is very easy to
> project your feelings...a smile...a frown....a look of disgust...but
> in email it is NOT so easy! Therefore, a new form of "written"
> communication has taken place! A written communication that
> "explains" your feelings about information that you have received or
> how you feel about information that you are sending.
> I found an interesting website regarding the "written" communication
> tools! I have read only part of it and do NOT know the complete
> contents of the website. The part that I DID read (and below is a
> brief excerpt re: LOL!) explains just HOW to project your reception
> of someones email! It also gives you some insight as to how certain
> greetings and signatures may be perceived by the person on the
> "receiving" end!
> PERCEIVED AS SHOUTING!!!! (feel it???)
> It's very interesting and I learned some new stuff myself! LOL!!!
> Ev
> ====================================================================
> (Don't know why but Yahoo won't highlight the link. You'll have to
> "cut and paste"...Ev)
> lol
> LOL!!!!
> ROFL!!!!
> LMAO!!!
> The ubiquitous LOL (laughing out loud) - which originated in
> chat rooms - is very handy tool for responding to something
> funny without having to actually say "Oh, that's funny!"
> It's feels more natural and spontaneous - more like the way
> you would respond in a face-to-face situation. The sequence
> of acronyms listed above indicate increasing levels of mirth -
> beginning with the weak, perhaps even perfunctory "lol" and
> moving toward the unrestrained "rolling on floor laughing"
> and raucous "laughing my a_ _ off." Once again, exclamation
> points enhance the effect.
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