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From: "Junebug" <>
Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Good morning'Off Subject"
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 05:50:35 -0600

Good Moring Everyone,
I crawled out early this morning,and back to my usual habit drinking,and yaking.Ha!! better at that than any thing else.That is the worst thing they could to me is cut that out.LOL I am getting anxious to get every thing over with.Theis waiting around isn't good,but guess i have no choice right now.
It seem's to be cooler out this morning.I opened the door,and it seemed cooler any way.
This is car sale night,and i guess we will be there.I told karen they had better find some to to take my place,for i don't know how much i will have to miss.None i hope, but when you go to Dr's you need to be ready to run here and there.
I hope, all you out there that are sick ,or shut in the best."GOD IS GOOD" just remember that,and he can do all things if you will let him in.
Have a good day.and God Bless.Just keep me on your list,(that is the good one)Ha!
Love Junebug
come see our kin (and friends)....

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