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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Autograph Book 1888
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 04:24:26 -0600
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I don't know Rosemary; I wonder also.

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Subject: RE: [ARIZARD-L] Autograph Book 1888

> Betty Mac,
> Some of these are beautifully written, too - wonder if the writers made
> up or if they were popular sentiments of the time?
> Rosemary
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> Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Autograph Book 1888
> Recently I was given some old pictures and a little autograph book by
> Mrs. Vera Cypert Jacobs here in Melbourne. The little autograph book
> red velvet cover) had belonged to her Uncle Mack Cypert and is to be given
> to the Museum here in Melbourne. It looks like Mrs. Jacobs father, George
> W. Cypert used this little book for his pupils to write in. I believe
> of the entries and names are by his pupils here in (probably) Izard Co.,
> But some of the last ones were from pupils in Kasoga, Texas.
> I thought someone might recognize some of the names as theirs. (I have
> the spelling as it was in the book.)
> Dear Uncle George: Love many-Trust Few-Always paddle your own canoe.
> (This one wasn't signed)
> Remember your friend: R.L.D. Jan. 8th 1888
> One life is sufficient for memory. Your Friend. E.I.A.
> Remember your friend. A.M. J. Jan 8th 1888
> Forget Not Your friend. N.C. J. Jan 8th 88
> Dear Teacher: I wondeer when school is out if you will ever think of your
> little friend and pupil
> Jessamine Perin
> My Dear Teacher: For get me not yore little friend and pupil. LIllia May
> Robison Feb 28th, 88
> May flowers bedeck thy path, And Fortune be thy guiding star. Julius C.
> Dutton
> For get me not your friend A.A.W.
> Friend George. May your virtues ever shine like blossoms on a pumpkin
> Your Friend. T.A.B.
> Melbourne March 2, 87
> My Friend. "Our lives are albums written through With good and, with
> and true, And as the blessed angel turns The pages of our Years, God grant
> he reads the good with smiles and blots the bad with tears."
> Your Friend, Jessie Brown Christmas 1886
> Forget Not your friend. J.E.W.
> Friend George, "If instead of a gem or a flower we could cast the gift of
> lovely thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the
> angels must give." Doctor O. Dutton 1/13/88
> Remember me if not a turk, Remember me is all of Ark, Remember me and so
> will i, Remember you until I Die. A.C. Jeffery
> All Ways remember A friend. J.W.(U?) G.)
> Dear Teacher, Think of moments spent togeather, Think of mements spent in
> glee, Think of school days fled forever, And then try to think of me. A
> Loving Friend Nora Jeffery April 3, 1888
> My Dear Friend, How happy would men all ways be if they would love thats
> Right and hate thats is roung. Your Friend. W.R. Hayden April 3rd,
> 1888
> My Teacher, Your Collage Seems a bower of bliss, I covert for protection.
> Of tender thoughts that nestle there The brood of chaste affection.
> Your little friend. Oscar M. Hayden
> Dear Teacher. When childhood days are past and gone, We will look back
> see where we have done wrong. Come near is the angels song. May God
> our path as we journey On.
> Remember your friend. Mellie Smith April 3, 1888
> Dear teacher, None knows thee but to Love thee, nor name thee but to
> praise. Your Little friend and pupil. Tennie. K.
> Dear teacher. Of something to write I am thinking in vain. So I'll
> my best wishes and just write my name. Your friend. Maggie Kitchens
> If you have nothing else to do, But talk of those who sin. You had better

> look at home And from that place begin. E.F.C. April the 9, 1888
> My Teacher. When you git old and cannot see, put on your speckes and
> remember me. Your Friend. Robert Pannell Feb. 23, 1892
> For Mr. Cypert: If Scribbling in albums Remembrance ensure, With the
> gratest of pleasure, I'll Scribble in yours. Your little pupil. Pearl
> Reeder
> Dear friend. Through many miles apart our homes may prove to be, yet in
> the recess of your heart, keep one kind thought of me. Your sincere
> friend. Laura Tackitt Feb. 24th 1892 Kasoga, Texas
> Dear friend, These few lines to you are tendered By a friend sincere and
> true. Hoping but to be remembered When I am far away from you. From your
> true friend. Hettie Tackitt Feb. 24, 1892. Kasoga, Texas
> "Tis said of originality, "It played out long ago." But if anything is in
> reality, This is original I know.
> /S? Mack Cypert. Home Dec. 27, 1886
> (note by Betty: The writing by Mr. Cypert is just beautiful.)
> Actions repeated soon form Habits. Habits form and fix Character.
> Character decides Destiny for Time and for Eternity. L.D.
> To Mr. Cypert Remember well and bear in Mind, that a good true
> Friend is hard to find. And when you find one Just as true, Change Not
> old for the new. from Your friend and pupil. Lue Tackitt Jan
> 28/2891 Kasoga, Tex.
> Dear Teacher. Within this book so pure and white. Let none but friends
> presume to write. And may each line in friendship given, Direct the
> thoughts to heven. Your friend and pupil. Gertrude Bright Jan 29
> 1892 Kasoga, Texas
> Dear Teacher.
> May happiness be thy lot, And peace they steps attend. Accept this
> of respect From one who is thy friend. Your Friend and Pupil Ida
> Mitchell Jan 28, 1892 Kasoga, Texas
> Dear Teacher May the voyage through this life be as happy and
> free As the dancing waves On the deep blue sea. Your Friend and Pupil
> Sephronia Bailey Jan 29/1892 Kasoga, Texas
> Dear Teacher May happiness ever be thy lot Where ere thy home
> shall be, And joy and pleasure like the spot That may be home to three.
> Your Friend and Publi Vernia Houston Jan 29/1892. Kasoga, Texas
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