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Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Autograph Book 1888
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 00:37:56 -0600

Recently I was given some old pictures and a little autograph book by
Mrs. Vera Cypert Jacobs here in Melbourne. The little autograph book (with
red velvet cover) had belonged to her Uncle Mack Cypert and is to be given
to the Museum here in Melbourne. It looks like Mrs. Jacobs father, George
W. Cypert used this little book for his pupils to write in. I believe some
of the entries and names are by his pupils here in (probably) Izard Co., Ar.
But some of the last ones were from pupils in Kasoga, Texas.
I thought someone might recognize some of the names as theirs. (I have used
the spelling as it was in the book.)

Dear Uncle George: Love many-Trust Few-Always paddle your own canoe.
(This one wasn't signed)
Remember your friend: R.L.D. Jan. 8th 1888
One life is sufficient for memory. Your Friend. E.I.A.
Remember your friend. A.M. J. Jan 8th 1888
Forget Not Your friend. N.C. J. Jan 8th 88

Dear Teacher: I wondeer when school is out if you will ever think of your
little friend and pupil
Jessamine Perin

My Dear Teacher: For get me not yore little friend and pupil. LIllia May
Robison Feb 28th, 88

May flowers bedeck thy path, And Fortune be thy guiding star. Julius C.

For get me not your friend A.A.W.

Friend George. May your virtues ever shine like blossoms on a pumpkin vine.
Your Friend. T.A.B.
Melbourne March 2, 87

My Friend. "Our lives are albums written through With good and, with false
and true, And as the blessed angel turns The pages of our Years, God grant
he reads the good with smiles and blots the bad with tears."
Your Friend, Jessie Brown Christmas 1886

Forget Not your friend. J.E.W.

Friend George, "If instead of a gem or a flower we could cast the gift of a
lovely thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the
angels must give." Doctor O. Dutton 1/13/88

Remember me if not a turk, Remember me is all of Ark, Remember me and so
will i, Remember you until I Die. A.C. Jeffery

All Ways remember A friend. J.W.(U?) G.)

Dear Teacher, Think of moments spent togeather, Think of mements spent in
glee, Think of school days fled forever, And then try to think of me. A
Loving Friend Nora Jeffery April 3, 1888

My Dear Friend, How happy would men all ways be if they would love thats
Right and hate thats is roung. Your Friend. W.R. Hayden April 3rd,

My Teacher, Your Collage Seems a bower of bliss, I covert for protection.
Of tender thoughts that nestle there The brood of chaste affection.
Your little friend. Oscar M. Hayden

Dear Teacher. When childhood days are past and gone, We will look back and
see where we have done wrong. Come near is the angels song. May God guide
our path as we journey On.
Remember your friend. Mellie Smith April 3, 1888

Dear teacher, None knows thee but to Love thee, nor name thee but to
praise. Your Little friend and pupil. Tennie. K.

Dear teacher. Of something to write I am thinking in vain. So I'll leave
my best wishes and just write my name. Your friend. Maggie Kitchens

If you have nothing else to do, But talk of those who sin. You had better
look at home And from that place begin. E.F.C. April the 9, 1888

My Teacher. When you git old and cannot see, put on your speckes and
remember me. Your Friend. Robert Pannell Feb. 23, 1892

For Mr. Cypert: If Scribbling in albums Remembrance ensure, With the
gratest of pleasure, I'll Scribble in yours. Your little pupil. Pearl

Dear friend. Through many miles apart our homes may prove to be, yet in
the recess of your heart, keep one kind thought of me. Your sincere
friend. Laura Tackitt Feb. 24th 1892 Kasoga, Texas

Dear friend, These few lines to you are tendered By a friend sincere and
true. Hoping but to be remembered When I am far away from you. From your
true friend. Hettie Tackitt Feb. 24, 1892. Kasoga, Texas

"Tis said of originality, "It played out long ago." But if anything is in
reality, This is original I know.
/S? Mack Cypert. Home Dec. 27, 1886
(note by Betty: The writing by Mr. Cypert is just beautiful.)

Actions repeated soon form Habits. Habits form and fix Character.
Character decides Destiny for Time and for Eternity. L.D.

To Mr. Cypert Remember well and bear in Mind, that a good true
Friend is hard to find. And when you find one Just as true, Change Not the
old for the new. from Your friend and pupil. Lue Tackitt Jan
28/2891 Kasoga, Tex.

Dear Teacher. Within this book so pure and white. Let none but friends
presume to write. And may each line in friendship given, Direct the readers
thoughts to heven. Your friend and pupil. Gertrude Bright Jan 29
1892 Kasoga, Texas

Dear Teacher.
May happiness be thy lot, And peace they steps attend. Accept this tribute
of respect From one who is thy friend. Your Friend and Pupil Ida
Mitchell Jan 28, 1892 Kasoga, Texas

Dear Teacher May the voyage through this life be as happy and
free As the dancing waves On the deep blue sea. Your Friend and Pupil
Sephronia Bailey Jan 29/1892 Kasoga, Texas

Dear Teacher May happiness ever be thy lot Where ere thy home
shall be, And joy and pleasure like the spot That may be home to three.
Your Friend and Publi Vernia Houston Jan 29/1892. Kasoga, Texas

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