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From: Jean Mayfield Cuevas <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Paul Fullbright (Off Subject)
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 14:44:13 -0500
In-Reply-To: <>

Hi Jim,

In this case, the "person" was me! ;-) I had a little area on my Eudora
mail program which had a check beside it, and wasn't supposed to! It made
the attachments be text in the message. Paul pointed that out to me, then
I tested it on him and another Jim on the list, and they both got the
gedcom the right way.

Now, I still don't know whether the guy with 7.0 was able to read the one I
sent to him, because he has not replied yet.

Anyway, I have definitely learned something new through the experience!

Thanks for the help. We can always use everything we can get, right? :)


At 05:45 PM 9/20/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Here are the instructions for receiving a GEDCOM file. I do not think the
>person you are sending it to is downloading it correctly.
>(1) when you receive a GEDCOM, click DOWNLOAD, the download manager will
>appear (2) Type in the name you want for this file in FILENAME (3) in the
>SAVE IN BOX put (C:) (4) in the SAVE IN TYPE be sure it is GED FILES
>(*.ged) (5) click SAVE (6) go to start, go to find, got to FIND FILES,
>click (7) FIND ALL FILES will appear, type in name you gave the file (8)
>click FIND NOW, your file as the tree with the burlap bag around the bottom
>(9) close your FTM program (10) Highlight the GED file (11) go to FILE and
>click (12) CLICK open, a new family file box will appear. YOur file wiil be
>in the FILE NAME box. FAMILY TREE MAKER will be in the SAVE AS TYPE. The
>SAVE IN box should be C: (13) click SAVE, a reading GEDCOM box will appear
>showing progress (14) IMPORT FROM GEDCOM box will appear (15) click OK,
>Reading GEDCOM FILE box will appear again showing progress (16) Family Tree
>Maker box will appear (17) click OK, your file will open in FTM a family page
> (18) close file (19) go to START, go to FIND, go to FIND FILE FOLDER (20)
>type in the name of your file (21) click FIND NOW (22) highlight the name of
>your file (@#) go to FILE on menu and click (24) click open, this will make
>sure your file is in FTM. The file is now in your computer in 2 places, One
>has the Y (tree) symbol and the other has the Square symbol . You can now
>delete the file with the Y (tree) symbol. You can now merge the new file
>into your main family file if you so desire.
>Jim Skaggs
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