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From: "Michael W. Condardo" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Jones
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 16:04:18 -0700

I do believe they are one and the same. Aubrey Jones (son of Thurl M. and
LaVada (Melton) Jones, Thurl being 1/2 brother to Arlan) sure had a warm
spot in his heart from his childhood memories of "Aunt Rittie".

Yes, I see names in that list that I know. I believe that is Wanda McCurley
there with Guy Blankinship...Rita Faye Boatman, I didn't know that one.
Thanks, Mike C.

At 06:15 PM 8/6/00 EDT, you wrote:
>Michael W. Condardo,
>I saw on the date of 8/05/2000 you listed a ARLIN HENRY JONES born. Sept. 30,
>1900, Died April 14, 1984.
>I have a Harlin Henry Jones b. Sept. 30, 1900 , Died April 14, 1984
>married Rita Faye Boatman.
>Children : Loris, Marie, and another daughter no name.
>Is this the same person as you Arlin Henry Jones.
>I have a Kenneth Thurl Jones married to a Tressie Mae Stroud Conyers and
>Maried to
> Mary Ann Bennett and married to Faye Neel
>I have a Nancy Hively married to Robert Lee Lackery
>Thomas Robert married Mary L. Dorcas Langston
>Henlen Louise Gifford married Carmel O. Hays
>W. T. married Luella Garrison
>W.T. "Bud" Gifford married Mary Jane Watson
>Hazel McCurley married Ardee Blankenship
>Mary Lucinda married Ruben Neel
>Myrtle married William Sherrell
>Wanda Lee marrien Guy W. Blankenship
>Wesley married Betty Norton
>Are any of these what you are looking for. I'm behind on some of my E-Mail
>Sharron Scott
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Just try'n to keep up with the...
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This Genealogy thing is a life-long pursuit because our ancestor DIDN'T keep
good records...I guess they were too busy living there lives. UMM, does this
mean I need to get a LIFE?

I have even researched the possiblility that my surname CONDARDO,
in Italian, would translate as CON = with, and DARDO = darts......with darts;
might refleck an inherited ablility to sling those arrows of outrageous
It's those one-line zingers...THAT get me in trouble.

................................and remember...'s your responsibility to "prove" your line...
gotta go...e-mail to to cut and paste...a hard-drive to fill.

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