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From: "Michael W. Condardo" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] J.D. MELTON
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 21:06:48 -0700

here is a list of MELTON's who served in the CW...from Arkansas. I would say
no to Newton dying in the war; if he is listed in the 1865 tax roll,
especially with Louisa listed in 1866. Recovery of planting fields left
untended for the duration of the war was hard work and the usual farm
accidents, not to mention the "painters" roaming about...


Melton, A., 27th Inf. New co.C
Melton, Andrew J., 14th Inf. Co.D
Melton, Daniel W., 7th Inf. Co.B 1st Lt.
Melton, George, 2nd Mtd.Rifles Co.C
Melton, George, 36th Inf. Co.K
Melton, George 50th Mil. Co.A
Melton, George F., 3rd Inf. Co.K Music
Melton, Graison, 38th Inf. Old Co.I,H
Melton, Henry, 1st (Crawford's) Cav. Co.B
Melton, H.J., 7th Mil. Co.E
Melton, J.A. , 31st Inf. Co.D
Melton, James, 45th Mil. Co.E
Melton, James L., 14th (Powers') Inf. Co.D
Melton, James L., 45th Mil. Co.D
Melton, James M., 26th Inf. Co.D
Melton, Jmes M., 32nd Inf. Co.K
Melton, J.B., 8th Inf. New Co.F
Melton, J.D., 14th (McCarver's) Inf. Co.E
Melton, J.D., 27th Inf. New Co.D
Melton, Jeremiah, Cav. Wright's Regt. Co.C
Melton, J.H., Lt. Arty. Marshall's Btty.
Melton, J.J., 7th Inf. Co.F
Melton, J.M., 7th Mil. Co.E
Melton, John, 2nd Mtd. Riffles co.C Lt.
Melton, John M., Inf. Ballard's Co.
Melton, J.P., 30th Inf. Co.K
Melton, J.T., 19th (Dockery's) Inf. Co.F
Melton, Lafayette F., Inf. Ballard's Co.
Melton, R.N., 45th Mil. Co.C
Melton, S., Lt. Arty. Marshall's Btty.
Melton, S.J., 1st (Monroe's) Cav. co.K 1st Lt.
Melton, S.J., 3rd Cav. Co.H, 1st Lt.
Melton, Telford M., 8th Inf. New co.F
Melton, Thomas, 18th (Marmaduke's) Inf. Co.I
Melton, Thomas R., Inf. 2nd Bn. Co.B
Melton, T.M., 14th (McCarver's) Inf. Co.E
Melton, T.R., 3rd Inf. Co.H
Melton, W., Cav. Wright's Regt. Co.C
Melton, W.A., 45th Cav. Co.D
Melton, W.A., 2nd Mtd. Rifles co.H
Melton, W.A., 38th Inf. Co.A
Melton, W.B., 14th (Powers') Inf. Co.D Sgt.
Melton, W.H., 31st Inf. Co.D
Melton, William, Conscr.
Melton, William D., 2nd Inf. Co.H
Melton, William D., 33rd Inf. Co.C
Melton, William J.D., 24th Inf. Co.F
Melton, William R., 14th (Powers') Inf. Co.D
Melton, W.J., 1st Mtd.Rifles Co.D
Melton, W.J., 2nd Mtd.Rifles Co.H
Melton, W.M., 1st (Monroe's) Cav. Co.D

At 09:58 PM 8/4/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Marion E. MELTON'S name was from transcribed records, so there could be a
mistake. Joseph D. and Mary MELTON, Tilford and Wenny MELTON, Balaam and
Sarah "Sally" MELTON, Newton and Louisa (Louise) MELTON and my Julia Holland
MELTON were all in Hickman Co, KY in the 1850's. Also an Archelius MELTON
54, br UNK, died in Hickman Co, KY in 1854, his parents were James and
Elizabeth MELTON.
>Newton MELTON is in the tax records of Izard Co in 1861, 1865, Louisa, his
wife in 1866. Wonder if Newton died in the war?
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This Genealogy thing is a life-long pursuit because our ancestor DIDN'T keep
good records...I guess they were too busy living there lives. UMM, does this
mean I need to get a LIFE?

I have even researched the possiblility that my surname CONDARDO,
in Italian, would translate as CON = with, and DARDO = darts......with darts;
might refleck an inherited ablility to sling those arrows of outrageous
It's those one-line zingers...THAT get me in trouble.

................................and remember...'s your responsibility to "prove" your line...
gotta go...e-mail to to cut and paste...a hard-drive to fill.

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