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From: Doug Leonard <> (by way of Jean Mayfield Cuevas <>)
Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Wild Haws,Watkins - Rosemary; Bernie and Jean
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 04:36:08 -0500

Most interesting. Thanks for keeping up with this Wild Haws story. You are
definetly turning it into a masterpiece - a definite gold brick - for our
future generations. Actually, thanks to all involved, the evolution of
this story are well archived. Its evolution is about as interesting as the
But, today, Rosemary, for the first time in its evolution, I think you have
brought it to the point I can finally attach it to my database. Would for
sure like to attach this evolution and story to my database via our Jeffery
line (and further developments.) The early Independence Co. connections it
brings would also be a welcome foundation to my database for future "our
line" attachments. Am also keeping an eye on them Martins. A very long
shot for me, but one worth the effort on my keeping up (educated) on.

Well, back to the main point at hand, connection to the story. Rosemary,
you wrote (below):
> His daughter, Elizabeth Mahala Martin, was married (2nd wife) to Dr.
>Owen Thomas Watkins, a widower. Mahala was born in 1837, making her fifteen
>yrs younger than Dr. Owen. He appeared on 1850 census in LaCross with wife
>22 yr. he was 28, his bros: William F., a merchant age 33 & James D. a
>horticulturist 31.
Now, I have the connections (from the Jeffery line) up to Sally Jeffery b.
12 Feb 1837 d. 13 Sep 1856 married on 22 Oct 1854 to William F. Watkins.
Nothing else on William F., not even his dates. Sally's parents being
Honorable Jehoida Jeffery md. Mary "Polly" Weir (maybe Ware.)

Am I assuming correctly by saying the two above William F.' are the same

If so, I would have my connection to the Wild Haws story (and evolution
therof.) Ole Doug L. keeping both his fingers crossed.

Yes, and also, please do make sure Meredith Gibson does get our data
-especially the Martin. Anything you two work out, Wild Haws or early
Independence Co connections to our lines I would definetly be interested in
looking at.

On my Martin, its so thin its ashamed to even mention. But, within the
mergence of my family lines around my Gr Grandfather Sutton Sherman Martin,
I am suspecting reminants of family surnames (Davidson and Harvey) to have
connections to early Arkansas, Lawrence and Independence Co.'s in
particular. Just a very thin gut feelin. Actually, my Gr Carrie Bell
Harvey b. 27 Mar 1871 Illinois d. 23 Aug 1951 Arkansas, Marmakuke, Greene
Co. married first Sutton Sherman Martin b. Jan 1868 Illinois, 2nd Married
Step Gr William Davidson b. 1870 Illinois. All converged on Greene Co., AR
from Illinois, born on a date there (IL) that would preclude their being
descendants of Early Lawrence or Independence Co. lines. Not really
suspecting a direct connection from Lawrence or Independence, but more of
grandparents or great grandparents (or other of their descendants besides
my branch) type of connection into Early Lawrence or Independence. This
line of thought is based a lot on other lines (and their reminants thereof)
like the Jeffery and Langston (and others) who are documented as to having
migrated through IL and into Early Lawrence, Independence, and Izard. With
dates like 1870's my knowns have definetly missed the original Earlies into
these areas. But, and also, this father side family group (as opposed to
this Step Mother's Jeffery side), has been known to mingle with allied
reminant family of the Langston and Jeffery left in IL some 50 years after
their trek through IL. Just call it a very thin gut feelin, maybe the
earlier of my Martin, Harvey, and Davidson didn't migrate "with" the
Langston and Jeffery, but, I am thinking that my earlier did migrate with
the waves of folks that migrated out of IL into Early AR - the same wave
that the Jeffery and Langston rode in on. Like I said, very thin, but
still worth it to me to develop the concept. With our Jeffery, Langston,
and stories like Wild Haws, it sure does makes it an enjoyment to keep up
and educated on these early parts of AR. - like killin two birds with one
stone. Always easier to work with data you know are kin.
But, anyway, sorry about that mind bender, but Rosemary, if in your working
on this Martin line with Meredith Gibson, could you be on the lookout for a
Sutton Sherman Martin, Carrie Bell Harvey, and a William Davidson. This
family group is also known to have been in Leachville, Mississippi Co., AR.

Oh yes, Bernie, did I happen to catch you sayin you had a picture of Wild
Haws. If the two William F.'s are the same ones (so I can connect my
database), I would for sure like to have a copy of that to throw into the
archives along with this story.

Doug Leonard

At 12:03 AM 7/19/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Did I say Ambrose's sister? I meant to say his Aunt Sally JEFFERY married
>William F. WATKINS on 22 Oct 1854. They had no children. She died in 1855.
>They were married such a short time, that's why I wondered if she (and the
>baby) died in childbirth.
>At one time we had a WATKINS descendant (or connection through the MARTINs).
>Her name is Meredith Gibson. Do you remember, she's the lady who gave me
>permission to share with you all a 105-(I believe) year-old family letter?
>She's been working in genealogy for a loooooong time - a very interesting
>lady. She and I corresponded for a while and every time I email her, she
>answers promptly. I told her I'd send her any info on her names. It just
>dawned on me during our Wild Haws discussion, that I'm "falling down on the
>job" as there has been a lot of MARTIN info shared lately. I should have
>been forwarding it to her. She lives in California, I believe. I wonder if
>she would be interested in a copy of the picture of the house.
>Below is an email from Meredith about her MARTIN and WATKINS ancestors:
> "My 2nd ggf, Jared Carswell Martin came to Ark. in 1821, age 15, on a
>mule with a $10 goldpiece his mother gave when he left Cape Giraradeau, Mo
>to join his older bros Allen & James Hutcheson Martin who emigrated there in
>1815. All pioneers of Arkansas.
> Jared had another bro, John Martin 3rd living in Independence County in
>1818 and then returned to Missouri and finally in 1840 returned to
>Independence County, for good.
> His daughter, Elizabeth Mahala Martin, was married (2nd wife) to Dr.
>Owen Thomas Watkins, a widower. Mahala was born in 1837, making her fifteen
>yrs younger than Dr. Owen. He appeared on 1850 census in LaCross with wife
>22 yr. he was 28, his bros: William F., a merchant age 33 & James D. a
>horticulturist 31.
> I will quote from "Family History of Martins" by Jared's daughter, Mary
>(Mollie) Douglass Martin who married John Martin's son, Jared Carswell
>Martin, (confused yet?) her first cousin. She grew up with the other Martin
>gang, Douglass family. Family meant a lot to all of them.
> She writes: "During Civil War Grandfather Martin went to live with his
>daughter, Elizabeth Mahala Watkins, on her husband's plantation "Wild Haws"
>where he died in 1864, Sept 27th. In 1861 Yankees came onto his plantation
>and destroyed everything, including Family Bible brought from Ireland. He
>failed after that. He took with him his orphaned granddaughter, Fannie Ella
>Martin - her parents died when she was 2 (her mother) and 8 (her father)."
> "Wild Haws" was a great place, according to Mollie D. Martin. At any
>rate Fannie Ella stayed on with Aunt Lizzie & Uncle Owen, who it seemed
>inherited all the orphans of the family (nine in all) and had 12 children of
>their own!! The children were taught by "Uncle Bully" (Wm F.), Owen's
>brother. He was a widower in 1864 and made his home with Owen & family.
>Dr. Owen Watkins had attended Elizabeth Mahala's mother, Rebecca, until her
>death on 28 Dec 1850.
> From age of 13 Elizabeth Mahala ran her father's home until she married
>Dr. O.T. and started her own large family + orphaned cousins.
> (Note: Dr. O.T. Watkins is listed in 1850 with wife 22, but she must
>have died soon after as he was stated as widower when attending Rebecca at
>her death in Dec, 1850.)
> "Wild Haws" was a large estate, which one entered by means of two large
>gates. The little community, consisting of a general store, post office,
>drug store, hardware store, etc. was practically owned by Dr. O.T. and was
>about 1/2 mile from the estate (main house) and to this community came
>people from all around to trade. His home was a large brick house, with
>brick made on the property. Had comfortable quarters for slaves which were
>a distance from main house. Principal crops were corn & wheat. however all
>other kinds of foodstuffs were also raised. He had immense orchards that
>furnished fruit for all in abundance, there was a smoke house for the meats
> All of Owen & Elizabeth Mahala's children lived to adulthood, except for
>two. Three of children lived with her until she died, others marrying and
>moving to homes of their own..
> I do not know what date she died though it was after Dr. Owen died in
>1904 and she was 67 yrs old to his 82 yrs at his death.
> William F.'s wife died within year of marriage, but apparently he
>married afterwards.
> Molly Douglass named Elizabeth Mahala's children, but gave no dates which
>I find strange as she was 7 yrs younger than Mahala and grew up with
>visiting back and forth.
> Mahala & Dr. Owen had: John Martin; William Francis; Mary Elizabeth;
>James Allen; Owen Thomas; George Colwell; Ella; Fred Davis; Emma; Nancy
>Jane; Edward & Fannie Watkins."
>Interesting history of the Watkins/Martin family.
>As I mentioned in an earlier email, one of the narrators of "Down Memory
>Lane II" mentions the "old Watkins house" and descendants of former Watkins'
>slaves who "took" the name Watkins.
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><< I believe it was the WATKINS family who had the Wild Haws Plantation
> (settlement) - I think the plantation was either called Watkins Plantation
> or just Wild Haws. >>
>Hi ya Rosemary,
>The Watkins family, you say? It is safe to say that as I know it, there are
>no Watkins in my line. But then, I doubt that the Watkins family members
>would have been marrying "the help" either, do you think? LOL
>Ambrose Jeffery's sister married one of the Watkins'?
>I wonder if we have any Watkins researchers on the List? I need to check
>Archives, I suppose. The series of photgraphs that I have are fairly
>interesting......the ones showing the training of the horses. The house
>should speak to someone, if you know what I mean.
>In a message dated 07/18/2000 8:24:22 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
> writes:
><< Wild Haws, Bernie, was mentioned by Ambrose Jeffery in one of his Civil
> letters.>>
>Jean, I think that you're right about that.......and I think that I have
>marked so that I could go to his letters on file. What a writer he was,
>wasn't he? You should post it to the List, Rosemary. I found that man's
>writing to be a breath of fresh air and think that many of the new members
>would enjoy it......particularly Evalyn.
>Thanks again, girls........
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