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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Old Obits/Other old newspaper items
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Betty, I hate to sound like a dummy but what are the numbers behind each
child? Was it the year that the child was on the Honor Roll? Mary
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Subject: [ARIZARD-L] Old Obits/Other old newspaper items

> (Miss Bessie Welch, teacher of Johnson View School, was the one who kept
this scrapbook.)
> Thid Beavers, 93; Cora Beavers, 84; Cora Williams, 93; Ella Anderson,
92; Susie Anderson, 92; Ethel Gibson, 92; Nevel Nicks, 85; Allen Nicks, 90;
Lizzie Nicks, 95; Cleveland Gann, 82; Frank Anderson, 88; Edgar McAnnally,
80; Elmon Gist, 98; Ollie Martin, 97: Amy Williams, 80; Elmer Williams, 82;
Grace Beaver, 87; Edith Beaver, 97; Susie Hinson, 92; Arizona Hinson, 90;
Josie Hinson, 87; Belle Hinson, 87; Dolores McNairn, 92; Zeph McNairn, 80;
Newt McNairn, Fred Waggoner, 90, Alonzo McNelley, 90; Colman Jones, 92;
Jeffie Beaver, 85; Stella Hinson, 90; Tommie Hinson, 85; Maud Mason, 90;
Gordon McNairn, 85; Albert Nicks, 90. Total enrollment, 43.
> Jan. 9th, 1900
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> (Ms. Welch also spent some time in Oklahoma, I.T. before she married as
you can see from the letter below:)
> Minco, I.T., Sept. 21, 1905.
> UNCLE DAVE: - You see by my address that I am in the "wild West." I am
teaching in the new opening, Caddo county, Ok., 11 miles west from Minco,
I.T. Began an eight months school here Sept. 11th. Have a nice,
comfortable house, nicely furnished and an enrollment of 50 pupils.
Everything is all right, except that longing for "home, sweet home!"
> There are no Indians in this district. The most of my pupils are
German, and such names! It took me several days to learn how to pronounce
> This is a fine farming country, but the wind is very trying at times.
> P.S. - Please change my paper to Minco, I.T. I can do without my home
paper no longer. B.W.
> (Note by Betty Mc: "Uncle Dave" was Dave Craige who was the owner of the
Melbourne Times.)
> ============================================================
> Miss Bessie Welsh in district 119, Hazel Dell, has the largest
enrollment of any rural school so far inspected. There were 55 enrolled and
about half that number present. The morning had been rainy. This school
has a good well, boxed in, and and is fairly well supplied with apparatus.
The books are uniform but the teacher is not following the course of study.
The stove is a good heater and like most other school stoves would be
improved with polish. The order was quite good and the students
hard-working and attentive. The members of the school board are W.E. Voss,
and B.F. Lasley, Minco and H.S. McDaniel, Leal P.O.
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