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From: "Michael W. Condardo" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] HICKS
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 17:03:14 -0700

All the children in the household of Gilbert Hicks are AR TN AR. Dora shows
AR AR AR. I'd look elsewhere for her father. Mike C.

At 07:29 PM 4/9/00 -0500, you wrote:
>According to 1900 census, Dora was only 13-14 years when she married Walter
>Dockins, so I don't have a census entry with her living with her parents.
>However, since Gilbert H. Hicks, a widower is living next door to her and
>Walter in 1900, he is my first choice as father of Dora Hicks, unless
>someone else knows something more.
>Newburg twp.
>Gilbert H. 40 TN TN TN wd
>William E. 12 AR TN AR
>James W. 10 AR TN AR
>Shelby L. 7 AR TN AR
>Maudie M. 3 AR TN AR
>Walter 21 AR AL AR md 11/12
>Dora 14 AR AR AR1 child/1 living (but no child listed with them)
>Lunenburg Twp.
>William M. 32 MO IL MO md 12 yr
>Sarah M. 33 MO VA MO 11 child/3 living
>John M. 11 AR MO MO
>James C. 8 AR MO MO
>William J. 4 AR MO MO
>Union twp
>Charles 29 TN TN TN md 5 yr
>Mariar A. 29 AR MO MO 3/3
>Mabel C. 4 AR TN AR
>Kate E. 3 AR TN AR
>Ethel E. 1 AR TN AR
> George M. 43 TN TN TN md 4 yr
>Amanda 22 AR AR AR 3/2
>Wiley 17 AR TN AR
>Sally 9 AR TN AR
>Ferdinand 7 AR TN AR
>Charles 5 AR TN AR
>Elizabeth 3 AR TN AR
>Molly F. 9/12 AR TN AR (Molly m. Allen Moody, son of John Wesley Moody
>and Margaret Whitfield)
>Mill Creek twp
>Kenneth R. 53 TN TN TN md 33
>Margret A. 52 TN NC NC 5/5
>Della 17 TN TN TN
>S. Lad 14 TN TN TN
>John39 TN TN TN partner
>#150/156 (in Melbourne, Mill Creek twp)
>S. Ray 42 AR SC VA
>R. Lee 33 AR AR VA
>Mamie L. 15 AR AR AR
>Jeffie R. 13 AR AR AR
>HIX, Joshua J. 21 TN TN TN servant-farm
>There is a Henry HIX boarding in the household of H. Hill HARRIS, hotel
>manager. Henry is 31 TN TN TN and is listed as a teacher. Mr. Hill has a
>lot of boarders and I'm too lazy to type them all.
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