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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Do you remember when?
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 08:52:19 EST

I turned 60 last month, so I can remember some of the good times and bad
I can remember mom giving a mill to spend. (for those of you that are too
young to remember milles. The ones I remember were made of cardboard, I think
there may have been metal ones also. I looked this up in the dictionary
because I couldn't remember how much they were worth. They were worth one
tenth of a cent.
Mom and dad seperated when I was about 6. Mom didn't have very much
education. She only went to the 3rd grade. She worked cleaning houses and
doing washing and ironing for people. She would get up before daylight and
wash clothes in a wringer washing machine or on a scrub board. Then hang them
on the line to dry. Then she would walk across town to clean house for
someone. She would work all day. 6 days a week for $3.00 a week. When We came
home from school my sister or I would take the clothes off the line and
sprinkle them down, so they would be damp for ironing. When mom would come
home she would iron several dozen clothes.
But I you know something funny. I don't remember thinking I was poor. We
had everything we needed. We got a new pair of shoes for the start of school
and another pair for Easter. We almost always got new clothes for Easter.
We always raised a garden and had chickens for eggs and meat. Since we
lived in town we didn't have large animals, like cows. But my older married
brothers would usualy kill a hog or two in the fall and they would always
bring us some meat.
Mom has been gone now for 16 years. There are so many things that I wish I
could ask her. If you still have older people in your family. Ask them all
the questions now, for some time you will wish you had.
Ona Brown

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