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Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Minnie's dilemma-Michael
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 18:55:46 -0800


Well those are excellent thoughts. I know where the Barren Fork Cemetery is
and have visited it several times. I know that area of Izard County like it
is my own backyard. During one of my trips back there while having a meal
at the cafe in Mt. Pleasant, one of the locals was listening to me go on
about the area. He leaned toward me and with one eye squinted and says,
"just how you know so much 'bout these parts?", with some incredulity. He
couldn't understand how a boy from Californie could know so much about Izard
County. Well, there is an awful lot I don't know about Izard County but
when I'm there it's almost a deja vu feeling or like walking through a

I know which funeral homes to contact and I'll take your advise and follow
up on that matter. I've got a wonderful cousin in Batesville that is always
willing to do some leg work to help me with my research. He just tells me
everytime I see or talk to him that he wants a copy of my book. He may have
to wait for me to retire before that happens.


Mike Moser

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> << Who supplied the info for the headstone?
> That is a good question. Is there a means for dicovering this
> Do cemeteries keep such records? Otherwise I can think of no other way
> except to ask by way of this List. >>
> Michael
> I just thought of something. I can't speak for any state but Oklahoma
> regarding this....but, in Oklahoma, it is the various funeral homes that
> provide ALL the information for the published obituary.
> Minnie died in 1977 and I show her being buried in the Barren Fork
> in Izard Co. Barren Fork Cemetery offices would tell us which funeral
> directed her services and they would have of record the person in her
> that handled the funeral and payment thereof. They would be able to tell
> when and by whom a marker was placed on her grave. Probably the only
> would be if the ownership of the funeral home had changed since 1977.
> How about that? Now, does any one know where the Barren Fork Cemetery is
> Izard Co? I know that Jean and Newt would know. But, I'm sure that
> on the List would know.....
> Anyone?
> Bernie
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