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From: "Michael W. Condardo" <>
Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Mark's great grandmother-in-law
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 19:17:00 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Dona Taylor (Jake "the Hammer"'s gggranddaughter)
So the big question is...are all those yarns ole' Cussun Mark's been
spinnin' got a grain o' thruth to um?
Welcome to the Izard County of Cousins list.<BIG GRIN> That Cuzzun Mike C.

At 11:00 PM 10/5/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello Izard List,
>Guess I ought to introduce myself at this point. I'm Dona Taylor (yes,
>another Taylor but I married into this family, can you believe it?!) Yes,
>George, this is for you too. Anyway, I'm Mark Taylor's wife. I feel as if
>I know many of you personally. Mark talks about his friends on the Izard
>list a lot. All good, so don't get worried! In fact, you all are the
>friendliest list I've seen.
>I understand that Mark has asked for some help of you good people to find my
>great grandmother. She is very elusive. I believe he teased you with a bit
>of the "family story" and so I feel somewhat obliged to "tell it all"....
>My grandfather, a wonderful man whom I love(d) dearly, told his children and
>the grandchildren that lived near him that his mother was Cherokee. I've
>no reason to doubt his word but I can't get my hands on anything that will
>"prove" it. The story he tells goes like this.... My great grandfather
>(John, so I won't have to keep typing great grandfather) married Columbia
>Ann Henegar (my great grandmother, etc.) when she was 14 years old. Just
>found out today that my Aunt has a copy of the marriage cert. Yea! Anyway,
>according to my grandfather John bought her. Possible he bartered for her
>or paid a bride price for her. At the time, he was working a store in
>Tishomingo, OK (IT back then) and told Columbia Ann that she should pick a
>name from the people who came into the store. Interestingly enough, on the
>1900 Chickasaw Nation, there were Henegar's who were Merchant/grocers in the
>Tishomingo area. I "assume" that that is where her surname came from. John
>taught her to read and write - he was a school teacher at one point. There
>first "home" was a dug out cave with a room added onto the front! Can you
>Now, since you good people excell at finding ancestors, let me tell you what
>I have done so far. I've check the Dawes Rolls and other Indian Rolls. We
>have a possible lead on the Guion Miller Roll of a John A. (John's middle
>name was Abraham) Fox (yep, that's his surname) from IT that applied and was
>rejected. He applied in Stilwell, OK (IT?) and the app said he had six
>children. It's possible that this could be my John and therefore, my
>Columbia. I'm not holding my breath though. We've had plenty of near
>misses in this ongoing saga. Let me see, I've checked census data - not
>much in IT. No birth records exist. The marriage license may give me some
>info. I'm not sure where to go next. If she's Indian, she may not be
>listed anywhere on anything. If she's white, I haven't been able to find
>her. I have her death cert but it doesn't help much. Gives her birthplace
>at Fort Smith, AR (she was born in 3-1870) but I didn't find her on the
>census for 1870 or 1880 in Sebastian County. Nor any Henegars. I've been
>told she may have been born in Stonewall, IT.
>To make a long story even longer, I have a "cousin" that has given me names
>of supposed siblings and swears that Columbia is not Indian. Well, at first
>I believed her, but with Mark's proding, I have done some checking and find
>all the children except two accounted for. Of course, not many of these
>children have the same mother and father.... The two unaccounted for are
>one that this cousin told me was an infant and died and the infamous
>Columbia Ann. There is one child, Columbia's sister (possibly) whose name
>was Martha Tennessee Henegar. She has a different set of parents altogether
>and may not be in my line at all. But, how many Martha Tennessee Henegar's
>could there be in the world?
>Okay, so now that I have taken up waaaaaay too much of your time and have
>either confused all or bored all, anybody have any suggestions?
>Thanks for listening, I feel much better now, <sniff>
>No really, thank you and please take care.
>Dona Taylor (Jake "the Hammer"'s gggranddaughter)
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>Date: Tuesday, October 05, 1999 7:25 AM
>Subject: RE: [ARIZARD-L] Battles/Taylor Connection
>>Well.....of course we want to hear more! ;-)
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>>From: Mark Taylor [mailto:]
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>>Subject: Re: [ARIZARD-L] Battles/Taylor Connection
>>We've checked the Miller rolls and might have found her husband, John
>>Abraham Fox. We've sent off for the full application to see if it is our
>>John but haven't gotten the app yet.
>>Can't get any census info because OK wasn't a state until 1907. Almost
>>everything is in the possesion of the Oklahoma Historical Society and we
>>haven't been able to go up there and search thru their archives. We had
>>researcher volunteer to do some looking but she assumed, even though I made
>>it clear to her, she assumed we were trying to find her on the Indian
>>We don't care where we find her, we just want to find her somewhere. When
>>she didn't find her right of way, she bailed out. Bummer.
>>My wife's grandfather told the story of how his mother was "given" (sold?)
>>to her husband and how she picked her white name. Its very
>>interesting...wanna know more?
>>Mark Taylor
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