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I assume you have looked in Goodspeed where it gives the bio of Wm H. Ross,
born Chester District, So. Carolina, 4-1-1840 to Francis and Eveline
(Hoody) Ross--both died 1881. They moved to Dallas Co. in 1869 but nothing
is mentioned of where they are buried. Wm was living in Lone Pine Township,
Lincoln Co., AR, when his bio was written. It also lists his siblings.


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> I looked for Francis in the 1860 - 1880 census record also to no avail.
> Like you, I am sure he was living in Dallas County in 1880. I found
> Elizabeth and her husband, John in the 1850 census in Smith Township
> and Elizabeth in the 1860 census (at least I think it was them).
> Hampton Springs Cemetery is probably in Chester Township. He could
> have lived in Chester or Smith Township.
> The Grant County line is not far from Hampton Springs so it is even
> possible he could have lived in that county.
> I will continue to look. An obituary would be difficult to find as most
> newspaper records that we have were published after his death and very
> seldom had obituaries in them.
> Question: Could he be buried without a marker? Or is it possible that
> he left the area before his death?
> There are some really great people on this site that are always willing
> to help. I am sure they will offer suggestions since we have the
> discussion going! What about it Ed, Clora, "Wilk" and others? Any
> suggestions.
> Do you know when Francis (Frank) came to Dallas County? I note a
> Francis listed in one of the census records but he/she is much too
> young to have been married to Eveline.
> The Pinchback name will be some help as the Pinchback's were well
> respected members of the community. I have seen that name mentioned
> many times in my research.
> John
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