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From: "Carla Scott-Mason" <>
Subject: [AppalLife] Unions & Stuff
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 18:35:55 -0500
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Sorry I've been away so long. Computer crashes have left me stranded for
over a week, and I'm reading my backlog of e-mails with a greed I've only
felt when I lived in the mountains one winter and in desperation to get my
car up to the highway I spent four hours carrying buckets of coal ashes from
the house down by the river to the highway at the top of the mountain. That
was in my younger days when I didn't know enough to stock up on groceries
for just such occasions. Of course I had five kids to raise and doubt
there'd have been enough money to stock up even if I knew then what I know

Nancy, I loved your description of your Dad and the union. I could just see
you waiting on the school steps for him and him putting you on his shoulders
for the last leg home. Do you still live in Kentucky? Do you know where
Whitesburg is? (Between Hazard and Wise, VA). I've heard of Wheelwright, but
don't know exactly where it is.

I've been reading Stephen King On Writing. I think it's just about the best
book I've read on the subject. It's got my creative juices flowing again but
nothing has made it to paper from my brain. I was going to say, "Wouldn't it
be great if we had computers that could read our minds?" Then I remembered
this past week, and I surely wouldn't have wanted my thoughts put down on
anything, much less a 17-inch computer screen!


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