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Subject: Re: [AppalLife] Unions in Appalachian
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 16:16:23 EDT


Keep me informed regarding the flooding in WV. I saw some of it on the news
it sure did look bad, what happened? Was it just rain? was there anyone
killed? I know I'm asking a lot of questions but bare with me, I'm always
afraid of the strip ponds breaking loose and doing a lot of damage I know now
that they have to clean them up but the ones left abonded from years ago that
still worries me, Jennifer do you still live in WVA ? Honey it is so hard to
know families and know that they are in trouble,
our branch of the Red Cross left here Monday taking food and water also I
think that our local wal-mart is loading donations of food, soap, things to
clean with and products for babies also water Honey I am a pack rat I keep
milk jugs washed up
and after a storm are if the power goes there is a spring that isn't
contamined and I go there to get water. If you live close you might be able
to fill some up and take them to the people I'll hush now Just know I believe
in the power of prayer and our family and church are praying for the people
there and we have called several other places for prayer hang in there, we
have been there before here and was over comers you can't beat a person
raised in Appalachian they know what it takes to be an overcomer and how to
face problems I am proud of my hertiage .

Let me know what is going on
Shirley Sutton Bragg

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