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Subject: Re: [APG] APG Digest, Vol 4, Issue 454
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 17:46:21 EDT

In a message dated 7/28/2009 7:16:07 PM GMT Daylight Time,

> As a speaker, I design my handouts for a syllabus with only the
> attending person in mind. I intend my presentation to be an
> integrated package: what I say, what I display on a PowerPoint slide,
> and what I include in the handout. Each of those pieces, by itself,
> is a poor substitute for the entire package. A handout, taken out of
> context from what the speaker may have said during the presentation,
> might be cryptic or misleading.
> As a speaker, I would not sign a contract (or agree to an option) that
> produced more copies of my handouts than would be needed to meet the
> needs of potential attendees. In my mind, that would be violating the
> entire purpose of why I was creating the handout.

Good Evening
I have been following this over the last couple of days and as it is my pet
peeve at National Conferences etc I finally feel I need to respond.
Regardless of what is said the physical handout and the tape, when they are
available, even combined are insufficient to review and study the presentation
once you have left the lecture room. If these conferences are not intended to
be educational why are they pushed for professional members to attend? If
they are in fact educational why are we so paranoid about providing a copy of
the presentation electronically to, at a minimum, the attendees who pay
full price. It would be very easy to do with a code word protection that is
provided once you pay the fee. It is very frustrating to try and take notes on
those areas that as an attendee you are really interested in and the
presenter is flying through the PowerPoint. I cannot imagine that there would be
enough piracy to impact the presenters. There will always be people who take
advantage of these things and the only way you stop it is not show your
Come on folks. We want to be educated and we pay good money to go to
conferences, to Samford, and other for pay events. We deserved to be treated as
honorable people (I know--how naive can you get?).
Douglas Burnett
Satellite Beach

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