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From: "Fredric Z. Saunders" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Understanding land transaction between POWELL/ZIMMERMAN
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 08:26:37 -0600
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The answer to your first question is in the record. John POWELL only had
the land surveyed in 1769. He had still not acquired a patent/grant to the
tract from Pennsylvania. In 1788 POWELL sold [his rights] in the tract to
ZIMMERMAN and BYERS. IN 1789 BYERS sold his rights in it to ZIMMERMAN.
ZIMMERMAN obtained the patent to the tract in 1795.

There were fees involved in each step of the land process (entry, warrant,
survey, patent) was why ZIMMERMAN had to pay PA in 1795 when he received the

For the second part, the land was probably in the family until 1879. When
heirs went to sell the land, the buyers probably wanted proof that the
grantors had title to the land, so the patent (which was recorded in the PA
Patent Book in 1795) was also copied into the Westmoreland Deed Book.

Rick Saunders

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