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Subject: Re: [APG] Understanding land transaction between POWELL/ZIMMERMAN
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 07:19:02 -0500
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Mag --

Check the transcription against the original record if possible; it might
contain a surprise.

1. The answer may be in the earlier documents carefully referred to. Could it
be that the earlier patentee(s) had the land on credit and still owed the
Commonwealth, which debt accrued to Zimmerman?

2. Late recording happens everywhere. It can be a lot of trouble to get the
right document to the courthouse -- as in a day or more of hard travel each
way. What was happening to Zimmerman or his descendants in 1879 that made it
desirable to get this on public record? Partition of an estate, maybe?

Documents are like ancestors: find one, and suddenly you have twice as many to
find! Good luck!


> I have two questions about this record, below, obtained from usgenweb
> archives of Pennsylvania.
> 1. why did ZIMMERMAN pay the Commonwealth when he was purchasing the tract
> from John POWELL?
> 2. why was the transaction recorded 1879 when the transaction occurred
> eighty some years prior? Is that a common practice in PA?
> Thanks for any help.
> Mag
> Land: Deed: Zimmerman, Michael - Powell, John, Westmoreland
> County, PA - December 2
> 1795
> ************************************************
> Copyright. All rights
> reserved.http://www.usgwarchives.net/copyright.htmhttp://www.usgwarchives.net/pa/pafiles.htm
> ************************************************
> File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by:
> David Zimmerman
> February 8, 2005
> Pitt Township
> Written: December 2 1795
> Recorded: July 11 1879
> Deedbook 397, Page 25, 26
> Com. of Pennsylvania} The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
> To} To All whom these Presents shall
> Michael Zimmerman} come Greeting. Know Ye That in Co-
> sideration of the sum of twenty six
> pounds two shillings & six pence lawful money was paid by
> Michael Zimmerman into the Receiver Generals
> Office of this
> Commonwealth there is granted by the said Commonwealth
> unto the said Michael Zimmerman.
> A certain tract of land called "Zeeland" situate in Pitt
> Township Westmoreland County - Beginning at a Walnut
> thence by High barren hills North twenty two degrees
> West twenty two perches to a Chesnut. North fifty
> four degrees East forty-three perches to a Sugar tree. North
> thirty six degrees East sixty seven perches to a Walnut.
> North sixty degrees East thirty five perches to an oak.
> South Eighty-six degrees East Sixteen perches to a sugar tree.
> North fifty five degrees East fifty three perches to a white
> oak. North twenty nine degrees West Sixty five perches to a
> Spanish Oak. North seventy three perches & an half to a
> white oak. North forty seven degrees East forty five perches
> to a black oak. North sixty seven degrees East sixty per-
> ches to a white oak. South fifty nine degrees East twenty
> nine
> perches to a Buttonwood. South nine degrees east twelve
> percs to a white oak - East forty one perches to a hickory
> North Seventy two degs East thirty six pers to a Buttonwood.
> South thirty-seven degrees West two hundred & forty per=r>ches to a
> post & South fifty four degrees West two hundred
> & ten perches to the beginning. Containing One hundred fifty
> three acres two thirds & allowance of six per cent for road &c
> (which said tract was surveyed in pursuance of an
> application No 3362 dated 13th June 1769 granted to
> John Powell and whereas the said John Powell by deed
> dated 11 July 1788 conveyed the said tract of land to
> Michael Zimmerman & Jacob Byers and the said Jacob
> Byers and the said Jacob Byers and by deed dated 4th Septemr
> 1789 conveyed all his right in the said described tract of
> land to the said Michael Zimmerman to whom a warrant
> of acceptance issued 9th Novemr 1795) with the
> appurtenances
> To Have and to Hold the said Tract or Parcel of Land with
> the appurtenances unto the said Michael Zimmerman and
> his heirs to the use of him the said Michael Zimmerman
> his heirs and assigns forever. Free and Clear of all restrictions
> and Reservations as to Mines, Royalties, Quit Rents or otherwise
> excepting and reserving only the fifth part of all gold and
> Silver Ore for the use of the Commonwealth to be delivered
> at the Pits mouth clear of all charges. In Witness Whereof
> Thomas Mifflin Governor of the said Commonwealth hath
> hereto set his Hand and caused the State Seal to be hereunto
> affixed the second day of Decemr in the year of our Lord one
> thousand Seven hundred and Ninety five and of the Com-
> monwealth the twentieth
> Attest: James TrimbleTho. Mifflin {seal}
> Deputy SecĀ“y
> Inrolled the 12th December 1795
> I do hereby Certify the within is true copy of a Patent as
> recorded
> in patent Book "P" Volume Seventeen Page 470 now
> remaining in the Department of Internal Affairs of Pennsyl-
> vania. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my Hand
> and caused the Seal of said Department to be affixed at Harris-
> burg the Tenth day of July A.D. 1879.
> {Depart. of Intl.} L. Rogers
> Recorded July 11 1879{Affairs Penna.} Dep. Secretary of Internal Affairs
> { seal }
> .
> -------------------------------
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