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Subject: Re: [APG] Norway
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 16:21:57 -0400
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...have immigrant immigrant! (a lot of Scandinavians are tall indeed! But
insert "high immigrant populations" Typo demons).

I swear some of these typos mutate on board while the email is winging its
way through the internet. Or so it seems because I do 'usually' re-read
before hitting send...

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Subject: [APG] Norway

> List is quiet today, so thought it a good time to see if anyone can answer
> a
> couple of questions regarding Norwegian records. I've been increasingly
> using Norwegian databases because some of my areas of interest have high
> Scandinavian immigrant immigrants. For years I've used Norwegian
> researchers, but a lot of the knowledge needed has rubbed off on me, and
> I'm
> familiar enough to do most of the Norwegian work myself.
> Police reports on emigrants are an incredible resource, more than a few
> times they've tied down a connection. Why did Norwegian emigrants need to
> report their departure in this manner? Always helps to know why a record
> was
> made.
> 2nd question: More often now I'm seeing baptisms with what would be
> considered given and middlenames, that later are used in reverse (I'm not
> talking about patronymic surnames, farm names, or the like). One of my
> Norwegian sources explains that middlenames aren't used in the usual
> fashion, each of the names has the full status that we (England, North
> America) would assign to the given name. I know there is a Norwegian law
> concerning names (1923) but the period I'm referencing above starts 1870s
> and forward (about the time patronymic names are being phased out).
> Anyone?
> Larry
> .
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