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From: Connie Sheets <>
Subject: Re: [APG] place names in genealogy
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008 05:01:06 -0800 (PST)
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Joan Lowrey wrote:

> The problem I see with that is that it violates the basic
> principle
> of how to record places: They should be listed according to
> where the
> place was (jurisdictionally) when the event took place. I
> realize
> that several genealogy programs, as well as New
> FamilySearch, are
> requiring places to be entered according to some
> pre-designated
> standard, which seems to be where is it currently.

There is nothing about Legacy that requires users to enter a location in specific way, or to use the current place name. In fact, the Legacy documentation that I've seen encourages users to use the place name as it was at the time of the event. The Master Place List that was referred to in a previous post is created by the user as data is entered; every user develops a unique Master Place List.

Connie Sheets
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