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From: "Michael Neill" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] program to chart relationships
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 12:54:08 -0500
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Thanks to all who answered this question. I think for My problem,
genbox is the best answer. The relationships I am currently interested
in plotting are not that distant. The individuals involved likely knew
them and while there are multiple relationships, the specific
connections are relatively easy to calculate. It is the multiplicity
of the relationships that makes things somewhat confusing.

Personally I did not want to have to do any filtered exporting,
importing, merging, etc. If there wasn't a program that would do what
I wanted, I would simply use a graphics or similar program to make
"pretty" charts from My hand drawn ones. I have done that before and
it takes less time than doing all the database tweaking. Just My
personal preference.


On 6/7/08, Michael Neill <> wrote:
> Example:
> Anna Fecht married Bertus Grass (brother to my gg grandmother Noentje
> Grass), which makes her my aunt by marriage. This same Anna Fecht was also a
> double first cousin of Jans Janssen (a gg grandfather of mine) and a single
> first cousin to Anke Fecht (another gg grandmother of mine). Anna Fecht's
> nephew, Harm Fecht, married a sister of another gg-grandfather, Jann Habben.
> Now that everyone is as confused as I am <grin>, I have a question.
> Question: Is there any genealogical program that will allow me to choose
> just these people and chart their relationships? I don't want charts with
> all ancestors or all descendants of some individual(s) in my database--I
> want to chart just these people. I could easily make one chart manually. The
> problem is I have numerous double/triple or even quadruple relationships in
> my low-German families and would like something to at least give me a
> working chart which I could tweak. I am not really interested in charting
> extremely distant relationships, but am desiring to chart those connections
> of which the indivdiduals involved were likely aware.
> An extended question: I would also like to be able to choose say 5 or 6
> specific people in my database and chart their connections/relationships.
> Again, I do not want hourglass trees, descendant or ancestor trees. I want
> to choose a few people and just show their connection(s) to each other. I
> use these to keep the kinship "straight" when I'm working on a specific
> group of families.
> I could make the charts manually, but would rather there were something that
> could take my database I already have.
> Thanks.
> Michael
> Who is related to himself more ways than he can count and has *significant*
> pedigree collapse without even researching back to 1600.

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