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From: " Charles S. Mason, Jr." <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Locating a Will
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 07:28:05 -0700


I am not sure how they get and connect information at this site. I entered my father's name and it came up with my mother and also listed my middle sister as a Mason. She has been married for 28 years and has a different surname. The only thing I can see is they some how use postal information. When my father died five years ago and we had to put my mother into assisted living, we did a change of address and had all my parent's mail forwarded to my sister's address. This would explain the connnection, but not how they came up with my sister still being listed a Mason. We did not do anything to change the name that would be on the mail, only the address.

This looks like a tool for genealogist to use, but it certainly has its flaws.

Chuck Mason

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From: bob gillis <>
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Subject: Re: [APG] Locating a Will
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 10:08:47 -0400

Neal Underwood wrote:
> If you go to http://www.veromi.net and enter 'William H Powell' in
> the respective name boxes, '1921' in the birth year box and state of
> New York in the drop-down box, it will show a listing for him with
> residences including Patchogue and Glen Oaks New York along with
> presumed wife, children and possible grandchildren. Patchogue is in
> Suffolk County, so there may be something there. However, various
> estate planning techniques such as living trusts, joint tenancy with
> right of survivorship and small estate rules may enable one to bypass
> probate.

Veromi.net is a very interesting site. I entered my own name and current
state and I was returned with my wife, 4 of my 5 children and daughter
in law.

My married daughter was not picked up.

I also entered my brother and found him with wife and two daughters and
one daughter's married name.

bob gillis


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