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From: Valorie Zimmerman <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Ethical Membership
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 17:32:06 -0800
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Melinde, you raised your hypothetical situations on this list. I believe that
many of us on the list have the same questions as Richard -- are these
hypotheticals, or did these things actually happen?

I would prefer an answer on the list.


On Thursday 06 December 2007 1:09:18 pm Melinde Sanborn wrote:
> Dear Richard,
> The subject line "ethical Membership" refers to my belief that someone who
> chooses to become a member of a society has a responsibility to speak up
> when something looks wrong. I have replied privately to you regarding
> hypotheticality :)
> I've been called a lot of things, but never paranoid. Usually the opposite.
> Melinde
> Subject: [APG] Board, EC and Management Relationships
> [Since I am not sure what, if any, part of this topic involves ethics, in
> particular those involving professionalism in genealogy, I have changed the
> subject to something more to the point.]
> I have had one over-riding question while reading this thread. Are we
> dealing with things that have actually happened or things we are afraid
> could happen?
> Persecution is one thing; paranoia is quite another.
> Specfically,
> 1. Did the Executive Committee accuse, try, convict, and suspended a member
> "in absentia behind closed doors"? Yes or no.
> 2, Did the Executive Committee take an email sent to this list and censor
> it
> "so that it never appeared"? Yes or no.
> 3, Did the Executive Committee kill an article by a "well respected author"
> just before publication in the APGQ because it "didn't like it"? Yes or No.
> 4. Did the Executive Committee pull "a nationally known speaker" out of a
> banquet talk "after the publicity and syllabus was out" because something
> he
> or she "was expected to say was 'unapproved' by the Executive Committee"?
> Yes or no.
> Did any of these things actually happen?

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