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From: "Elizabeth Shown Mills" <>
Subject: [APG] Slave genealogy: Bibliography--Update
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2007 21:21:40 -0500

Regarding the missing Cameron Allen article that should be included on this
bibliography: Melinde Sanborn has provided a citation.

I also noticed just now that, amid reformatting this bibliography in ASCII
for the list, I accidentally bleeped out two superb NGSQ articles--for which
I beg forgiveness from Kathy Flynn, Doug Shipley, and the NGSQ editors!

An updated list appears below





Mills, Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, FASG, and Rachal Mills Lennon, CGRS.
"Mother, Thy Name is *Mystery!* Finding the Slave Who Bore Philomene
Daurat," in *Reassembling Female Lives: A Special Issue of the National
Genealogical Society Quarterly,* NGSQ 88 (September 2000): 201-24.

(FYI, this research project by the authors, which not only traces a
freedwoman of 1870 back into slavery but proves her ancestry through 3
generations of females back to the 1790s, as well her white ancestry before
that, was the genealogical basis for the Oprah Book Club selection by
Lalita  Tademy, *Cane River.*)

*Jefferson-Hemings: A Special Issue of the National Genealogical Society
Quarterly.* *NGSQ* 89 (September 2001).

Jupiter, Del E. "Agustina and the Kelkers: A Spanish West Florida Line,"
*NGSQ* 80 (December 1992): 265-79.

Mills, Gary B., Ph.D., CG. "Monet-Rachal: Backtracking a Cross-Racial
Heritage in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries," *The American
Genealogist [TAG]* 65 (July 1990):129-42.

Mills, Elizabeth Shown. "Mézières, Trichel, Grappe: A Study of Tri-Caste
Lineages in the Old South," *The Genealogist* [TG] 6 (Spring 1985): 3-84.
(This long paper traces a free-mulatto "county official" of the postbellum
era back into slavery--through several generations of slave, Indian, and
white ancestry--then back through several continental European lines,
including nobility.)

Mills, Elizabeth Shown and Gary B. Mills. "Slaves and Masters: The Louisiana
Metoyers," *NGSQ* 70 (September 1982): 163-89.
(This narrative genealogy traces a slave family back to its origin in Togo.)

Randall, Ruth. “An Interracial Suit for Inheritance: Clues to Probable
Paternity for a Georgia Freedman, Henry Clay Heard Sherman.” *NGSQ* 89 (June
2001): 85-97.

Shipley, Douglas S. "Teaming Oral History with Documentary Research: The
Enslaved Austins of Missouri's 'Little Dixie.' NGSQ 90 (June 2002): 111-35.


Brasfield, Curtis. " ' To My Daughter and the Heirs of Her Body':
Slave Passages as Illustrated by the Latham-Smithwick Family." *NGSQ* 81
(December 1993): 270-86.

Brasfield, Curtis. Tracing Slave Ancestors: Batchelor, Bbradley, Bbranch,a
dn Wright of Desha County, Arkansas." *NGSQ* 92 (March 2004): 6-30.

Flynn, Katherine E. "Jane Johnson Found! But Is She 'Hannah Crafts'? The
Search for the Author of *The Bondwoman's Narrative.* *NGSQ* 90 (September
2002): 165-90.

Ruffin, C. Bernard Ruffin III. "In Search of the Unappreciated Past: The
Ruffin-Cornick Family of Virginia," *NGSQ* 81 (June 1993): 126-38.

Mallory, Rudena Kramer, CGRS. "An African-American Odyssey through Multiple
Surnames," *NGSQ* 85 (March 1997): 25-38.

Mills, Donna Rachal, CGRS. "Rachael 'Fanny Devereaux/Martin of Alabama and
Florida: A Free Woman of Color: Discovering a Name Change through the
Federal Censuses." *TAG*  70 (January 1995): 37-41.

[See also the Monet-Rachal article cited above]


Allen, Cameron. "Lucinda Depp and Her Descendants: A Freed Black
Family of Virginia and Ohio," *TG* 17(Spring 2003):3-36.

Cerny, Johni. "From Maria to Bill Cosby: A Case Study in Tracing Black Slave
Ancestry," *NGSQ* 75 (March 1987): 5-14.

(The March '87 issue, incidentally, was the Millses first issue as *NGSQ*
editor. This is the point at which *NGSQ* began actively seeking manuscripts
on African-American families. Prior to that, the only such article it
published was the 1982 Metoyer study by the Millses.)

Hoff, Henry B. “Frans Abramse van Salee and His Descendants: A Colonial
Black Family in New York and New Jersey.” *The Record* 121 (1990): 71ff.

Jupiter, Del E. "From Agustina to Ester: Analyzing a Slave Household for
Child-Parent Relationships," *NGSQ* 85 (December 1997): 245-75.

Mills, Elizabeth Shown.  “Which Marie Louise is ‘Mariotte’? Sorting Slaves
with Common Names.”  *NGSQ* 94 (September 2006): 183-204. [A biography of
Coincoin’s sister, Marie Louise Mariotte, and a genealogy of her Cane River
offspring (slave and free) offspring through four generations.]

Waller-Frye, George. “The ‘Mulatto’ Adam Rogers of New London and His White
Wife Katherine Jones.” *TAG* 53 (April 1990):65-71; (and (July 1990) :

Mills, Gary B. "Tracing Free People of Color in the Antebellum South:
Methods, Sources, and Perspectives." *NGSQ* 78 (December 1990): 262-78.

Nordmann, Christopher A. "Jumping Over the Broomstick: Resources for
Documenting Slave 'Marriages.' *NGSQ* 91 (September 2003): 196-217.


Mills, Gary B. "Miscegenation and the Free Negro in Antebellum 'Anglo'
Alabama: A reexamination of Southern Race Relations." *Journal of American
Hidstory* 68 (June 1981): 16-34.

Mills, Gary B., and Elizabeth Shown Mills. “Roots and the New ‘Faction’: A
Legitimate Tool for Clio? *The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography*
89 (January 1981): 3-26.

Mills, Gary B., and Elizabeth Shown Mills. “The Genealogist’s Assessment of
Alex Haley’s Roots.” *National Genealogical Society Quarterly* 72 (March
1984): 35-49.

Happy reading!

Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
Author: *Isle of Canes*
A historical novel based on "Slaves & Masters" above
"A masterpiece! You may never look at American History
the same way again"--*Historical Novels Review*


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