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Subject: [APG] FW: Slave genealogy: Bibliography
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2007 14:08:25 -0500

Daniela asked:
>Any suggestions about articles I may have missed (I have read the ones in
NGSQ, TAG, and The Genealogists).

Daniela, I'm pasting in below the bibliography I have been building of
articles relevant to African-American genealogy that appear in major
peer-reviewed journals. This includes several from journals you did not


I'm missing one Cameron Allen did in TG or TAG. My copies of a few issues of
those journals have grown legs and walked off ...




Mills, Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, FASG, and Rachal Mills Lennon, CGRS.
"Mother, Thy Name is *Mystery!* Finding the Slave Who Bore Philomene
Daurat," in *Reassembling Female Lives: A Special Issue of the National
Genealogical Society Quarterly,* NGSQ 88 (September 2000): 201-24.

(FYI, this research project by the authors, which not only traces a
freedwoman of 1870 back into slavery but proves her ancestry through 3
generations of females back to the 1790s, as well her white ancestry before
that, was the genealogical basis for the Oprah Book Club selection by
Lalita  Tademy, *Cane River.*)

*Jefferson-Hemings: A Special Issue of the National Genealogical Society
Quarterly.* *NGSQ* 89 (September 2001).

Jupiter, Del E. "Agustina and the Kelkers: A Spanish West Florida Line,"
*NGSQ* 80 (December 1992): 265-79.

Mills, Gary B., Ph.D., CG. "Monet-Rachal: Backtracking a Cross-Racial
Heritage in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries," *The American
Genealogist [TAG]* 65 (July 1990):129-42.

Mills, Elizabeth Shown. "Mézières, Trichel, Grappe: A Study of Tri-Caste
Lineages in the Old South," *The Genealogist* [TG] 6 (Spring 1985): 3-84.
(This long paper traces a free-mulatto "county official" of the postbellum
era back into slavery--through several generations of slave, Indian, and
white ancestry--then back through several continental European lines,
including nobility.)

Mills, Elizabeth Shown and Gary B. Mills. "Slaves and Masters: The Louisiana
Metoyers," *NGSQ* 70 (September 1982): 163-89.
(This narrative genealogy traces a slave family back to its origin in Togo.)

Randall, Ruth. “An Interracial Suit for Inheritance: Clues to Probable
Paternity for a Georgia Freedman, Henry Clay Heard Sherman.” *NGSQ* 89 (June
2001): 85-97.


Brasfield, Curtis, CGRS. " ' To My Daughter and the Heirs of Her Body':
Slave Passages as Illustrated by the Latham-Smithwick Family." *NGSQ* 81
(December 1993): 270-86.

Brasfield, Curtis. Tracing Slave Ancestors: Batchelor, Bbradley, Bbranch,a
dn Wright of Desha County, Arkansas." *NGSQ* 92 (March 2004): 6-30.

Ruffin, C. Bernard Ruffin III. "In Search of the Unappreciated Past: The
Ruffin-Cornick Family of Virginia," *NGSQ* 81 (June 1993): 126-38.

Mallory, Rudena Kramer, CGRS. "An African-American Odyssey through Multiple
Surnames," *NGSQ* 85 (March 1997): 25-38.

Mills, Donna Rachal, CGRS. "Rachael 'Fanny Devereaux/Martin of Alabama and
Florida: A Free Woman of Color: Discovering a Name Change through the
Federal Censuses." *TAG*  70 (January 1995): 37-41.

[See also the Monet-Rachal article cited above]


Cerny, Johni. "From Maria to Bill Cosby: A Case Study in Tracing Black Slave
Ancestry," *NGSQ* 75 (March 1987): 5-14.

(The March '87 issue, incidentally, was the Millses first issue as *NGSQ*
editor. This is the point at which *NGSQ* began actively seeking manuscripts
on African-American families. Prior to that, the only such article it
published was the 1982 Metoyer study by the Millses.)

Hoff, Henry B. “Frans Abramse van Salee and His Descendants: A Colonial
Black Family in New York and New Jersey.” *The Record* 121 (1990): 71ff.

Jupiter, Del E. "From Agustina to Ester: Analyzing a Slave Household for
Child-Parent Relationships," *NGSQ* 85 (December 1997): 245-75.

Mills, Elizabeth Shown.  “Which Marie Louise is ‘Mariotte’? Sorting Slaves
with Common Names.”  *NGSQ* 94 (September 2006): 183-204. [A biography of
Coincoin’s sister, Marie Louise Mariotte, and a genealogy of her Cane River
offspring (slave and free) offspring through four generations.]

Waller-Frye, George. “The ‘Mulatto’ Adam Rogers of New London and His White
Wife Katherine Jones.” *TAG* 53 (April 1990):65-71; (and (July 1990) :

Mills, Gary B. "Tracing Free People of Color in the Antebellum South:
Methods, Sources, and Perspectives." *NGSQ* 78 (December 1990): 262-78.

Nordmann, Christopher A. "Jumping Over the Broomstick: Resources for
Documenting Slave 'Marriages.' *NGSQ* 91 (September 2003): 196-217.


Mills, Gary B. "Miscegenation and the Free Negro in Antebellum 'Anglo'
Alabama: A reexamination of Southern Race Relations." *Journal of American
Hidstory* 68 (June 1981): 16-34.

Mills, Gary B., and Elizabeth Shown Mills. “Roots and the New ‘Faction’: A
Legitimate Tool for Clio? *The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography*
89 (January 1981): 3-26.

Mills, Gary B., and Elizabeth Shown Mills. “The Genealogist’s Assessment of
Alex Haley’s Roots.” *National Genealogical Society Quarterly* 72 (March
1984): 35-49.

Happy reading!

Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
Author: *Isle of Canes*
A historical novel based on "Slaves & Masters" above
"A masterpiece! You may never look at American History
the same way again"--*Historical Novels Review*

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