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From: "Richard A. Pence" <>
Subject: [APG] Contacting Amazon.com
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 13:48:48 -0400
References: <641520.64466.qm@web84108.mail.mud.yahoo.com>

Can anyone tell me how I can contact Amazon.com? I searched and searched the
web site but could not find even an email contact, let alone a phoe number.

Yesterday I happed across an Amazon.com listing for an article I wrote about
10 or more years ago on The Homestead Act of 1863. This was part of a
lecture I gave on land research and I had given permission for DirectLine
Software (makers of DeedMapper) to post it at its web site.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that I could download a copy of this
badly outdated article for $5.95!

Offering it for sale was something called Countryside & Small Stock
Journal_. Below that, howeer, it stated that the aritle was immediately
available through Amazon.

_Countryside_ said this article was an excerpt from its journal.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this journal?

Has anyone encountered such a copyright violation on Amazon?

And to repeat my intial question - how do I get in touch with Amazon to let
them know they are violating my copyright?

Richard A. Pence
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