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From: "Kenneth Aitken" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Use of conference CDs
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 11:23:37 -0600
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Pat, et al,
As the one who wrote first to Rita telling her she needed to ask permission,
I disagree with this response of yours. Here is why. Read this carefully.
This is not a legal issue, its an ethical issue.


It was Shakespeare ( as I recall) who said that even the devil himself can
quote scriptures to justify sin. We can justify unethical behavior behind
laws, statutes and regulations BUT IT IS STILL UNETHICAL to play the entire
CD of Pat Stamm's lecture to your group of 25 genealogists at the Turkey
Bend Genealogy Club meeting without her position.

If you are an APG member, you signed a code of ethics that includes several
points that impact on this issue. Here are two
1. Promote a coherant truthful approach to genealogy, family history and
local history

7. Promote the welfare of the genealogical community

If Pat Stamm or Ken Aitken or Pat Asher invests 50 hours in developing a
lecture she/he hopes will be delivered 20 times to recover the $2500 of
lost revenue and the the Turkey Bend Genealogy Club pays $16 dollars for
the CD and plays it to its 25 member, they are in effect stealing our
business. Now I know that if Pat Asher, Ken Aitken or Pat Stamm found out
this was happening, we'd be hurt. And as Michael Leclerc suggests, we'd
probably not ever again allow our lectures to be recorded. And the
consequence is you would be stuck listening to less exciting things on your
CD player the commute to work .

This is an ethical issue. Remember your integrity is measured by what you
do, and what you say when others cannot see you.

Ken Aitken

On 4/22/06, Pat Asher <> wrote:
> At 10:37 AM 4/22/2006, Regina Gualco wrote:
> >Also, it is a mistake to interpret
> >copyright law based on a single paragraph, which may or may not apply in
> the
> >given situation.
> Exactly!
> If you'll recall, the initial answer to Rita's question was that
> permission
> was required. That flat statement is no more true than one that says "all
> educational use is fair use".
> In the question at hand, it would also have to be determined if the
> playing
> of the CD met the criteria of "public" performance or display.
> Pat
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